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The New Girl pumps and dumps our beloved Ruffalo Home

If you are new to these parts let me tell ya’ that Sarah and I blog about a particular home that actor Mark Ruffalo once owned. It was wickedly appointed with a timeless mix of boho eclectables layered upon a strong platform built with traditional pieces. We would later come to understand the broad strokes by design house and retailer Nickey Kehoe. The home has been a continued source of inspiration and a reference for my living room and Sarah’s girls rooms.

Anywayz. We learned through our friend and spirited supporter Heather that the ever twee mother of mass man hipsterdom, Zoey Deschanel is selling her Hollywood estate and lo and behold it’s the Ruffalo Casita.

It is really fun to see the same bones but with bad decor choices. If that sounds like something you’d be into, have a looksee here

ruffalo kitchen comparison

Sarah and I had a spirited text convo about the kitchen renovation.

I think we agreed it was architecturally sound, but maybe the use of color was of questionable taste, here and in the sitting room. While navy is most definitely a good thing right now, those navy cabinets are fleeting and too strong for that sunny CA kitchen.

I was very firmly against the choice of rugs – but then we wondered if Zooey was all moved out and it was likely just poorly staged.

ruffalo living comparison

Besides the kitchen our favorite comparison has got to be the master bedroom, Nickey Kehoe’s design is far superior to this overly feminine, yellow and grey business complete with accent wall.

ruffalo bedroom comparison


That house is situated in the heat of Hollywood residential. It’s not a neighborhood that the dude and I are interested in living in, Sarah really wanted us to consider. But I’d LOVE that half acre with its guest house, it looks really inviting and private.


Estate Envy: Ruffalo Wannabe in Westwood

nickey kehoe ruffalo home
Pretty much since I moved to California, Sarah has been trying to get me to decorate my home(s) like Mark & Sunshine Ruffalo’s sweet little surf shack in the hills of Hollywood. She’s stalked the home on the real estate market and here on the blog we’ve consistently referred back to his mix of masculine and feminine pieces for the Heffe House and I’m sure it is why DC got the Jenny Lind for her first big girl bed.

I guess that says something about Sarah’s consistency in her style and taste, and it also speaks well for the timeless design choices made by Nickey Kehoe, a design house that we all grow more and more in love with each and every day.

Here is a little refresher eye candy of that project!



So, this past week, in my ever persistent search for the right westside home, I stumbled upon this little charmer and immediately thought of Sarah and her desires to channel her own inner Kehoe for a flip, style, shoot and sell fantasy. We want to renovate, bad.

Have a look for yourself. This little Westwood 3BR/2BA baby is on the market for $1.2M and is sized right at over 2,400 square feet. The early century Spanish surf shack style is itching for a lot of layers of global textiles alongside of a mix of traditional and midcentury furniture.

Let’s tidy her up and make her shine like the Ruffalo home!


Estate Envy: Ruffalo Home Sold

Remember the home of actors Sunrise and Mark Ruffalo that was featured in a 2009 issue of Domino. No…ok…quick refresher

Ruffalo living room Domino

Ruffalo entry Domino

Ruffalo dining Domino

Ruffalo sunroom Domino

Ruffalo vignette Domino

sunshine ruffalo kids room

Domino bedroom-Ruffalo

Ruffalo vanity Domino

Ruffalo bedroom Domino

OK, so most of us died over the Ruffalo bedroom I think, I know I did. There were other areas of the home that served as inspiration for me…the kid’s room and the picture ledge shelving with the ever changing art display (perfect for those who can’t commit and/or afford art).

The Ruffalo home sold last year for less than $1.6 mil, which I would consider to be pretty darn affordable in the Hollywood Hills. Ruffalo’s actually made $0 on the house provided that they didn’t make any improvements.

I was intrigued by how different the property looked fairly empty and not pictured through a photographer’s lense.Despite the fact that the house is not styled and tricked out by design team Nickey Kehoe, it still looks pretty charming.  All those french doors let in a lot of California sunshine. Here are the pictures from the property listing.

Ruffalo patio

Ruffalo living room

Ruffalo dining room

Ruffalo sunroom

Ruffalo master bedroom2

Ruffalo master bedroom

Ruffalo bath

Ruffalo kitchen

Ruffalo bedroom

Ruffalo bedroom

Ruffalo kid's bedroom




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Hoping y’all have a great one.

Betsy is still trying to get settled back into blogger life. She’s going to head over to her brand new home with the dude and kids to sledgehammer some kitchen cabinets and built-ins that must go.

Perhaps Sarah will be getting a start on all that landscaping she has in mind. She tried to enlist her family in lieu of birthday presents. How did that go, Sarah?

Here’s what is happening on the internet that we’ve been into lately.

Sure, USA doesn’t seem like the network where we’d send you for quality tv, but whoa! Mr. Robot is awesome. We were heavily influenced by Chuck Palahniuk’s FIGHT CLUB era back in our college days at UNCG. The narrative quality of this new show is more than reminiscent, it’s downright inspired. We’ll see if Christian Slater is Brad Pitt or not. Even if he is, we’re not mad about a highly paranoid dystopian vigilante hacker that flails between addiction and aim at taking down corporate America. It’s actually quite clever and we find ourselves feeling really proud for picking up on all of the nuance.

On personal Facebook, Betsy almost exclusively shares inspirations from her favorite site and this week’s was a doozy. Check out The Crossroads Between Should and Must. It might not be for everyone, but if you are ever on the quest for self understanding, and of the ilk of people/society pleasing – then this might help you self reflect.

Thanks Apartment Therapy, for taking note of the Bennett Kitchen Before/After. See the full reveal here.

Betsy found a Tshirt that pretty much sums her up.

And lastly, since you know we follow the goings on of the Ruffalo Home so much that we rank on the first page of Google for the search term, here’s who snagged it up after it passed from Ruffalo, to Zooey Deschanel. It’s now on to the Arctic Monkeys.

Happy Weekending.


Ledge Your Bets

I’m proposing a ledge art arrangement in your house AND mine.


It’s a casual look and if your art or photograph collection rotates a lot or you have a commitment problem with art then the ledge plan is pretty perfect.

ledge2I really like the idea of a casual arrangement like this in the dining room so your guests and family can enjoy some of your art collection and share some of the family memories through the display of photographs, the mix of frames in India Hicks’ dining room adds an even more storied look.

ledge3One of my favorite examples of the ledge look is Sunrise Ruffalo’s entry,

lege ruffaloSo let’s do it up,

Ledge Looks

Yellow bench/ Acrylic/ Wrap bench/ White ledge/ Striped bench/ Reclaimed ledge






I’m thinking side by side photographs is just the right thing for over my bed.

Now I’m a bit embarrassed to show you this because I need a new everything here…but this is the spot. You’re thinking yeah that room needs something and its not just art–that’s what I’d be mumbling to my computer screen right now if I was you.

This is what got me on the right track,

design by Hillary Thomas & Jeff Lincoln via House of Turquoise

I was reminded of the pair over the Ruffalo’s bed in Domino,

and then my mind quickly shifted to these prints,

Jennifer Squires Productions



Heffe House: Bringing in Color with Accessories

I’m happy to report that my initial post about the Heffe House went over quite well with the dude. As mentioned in that introduction, he is diametrically opposed to a turquoise couch.  Color is at the crux of our “push and pull.”

If you are like Heffe…….. and hesitant to commit to color, here are a few examples of rooms that look colorful and lively, but aren’t packing a ton of investment. Accessories aren’t long-term, so its much easier to pack big pops of hue without a) breaking the bank….. or b) giving the faint of heart an anxiety attack when you ask them to drop $2500 on a deep teal velvet couch.

The first room comes from Sarah’s suggestion to check out the Ruffalo home that was featured in Domino in 2009. She has an exceptional memory. But even I remember that she found some of the real estate photos from when this Hollywood Hills home was on the market. See that “Real Estate Envy” post here. That’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Anyway. Check the pic. These guys aren’t skimping on quality artwork, so that makes a HUGE difference. but largely the base is all warm woods, white wall, and browns. The artwork, lamp and pillows become big players in green, yellow and red. That little console by the door, with its red legs, is an easy and important addition. Overall though – the big ticket items aren’t crazy. They are safe quality choices.

Sunrise Ruffalo living room The Estate of Things

Here is another example. This image came to my attention from Amber ‘s shout out to Trina Turk’s spread in MatchbookMag. I grabbed it b/c those built-ins are strikingly similar to the ones in the Heffe House, so I thought it was a great image to hang onto. The pops of color in the books and the accessories on top of all that wood tone make this feel like a rich vignette. The major pieces here are again, are all neutrals.

Trina Turk Home The Estate of Things

Sarah asked if Heffe likes the moroccan rug. YES! Yay, the answer is yes. This is one large neutral possibility that I can totally get down with – without missing the flowery anthropologie option if it where my own indulgent choice.

In conclusion. Heffe is on his way. He totally pulled the trigger on a beautiful large piece last Saturday after a long ride down the bike path along the ocean.

I took him toLiveStyle in Venice, a store that I’ve blogged about before. Can’t say enough nice stuff about Francesca. She has a sweet high end bohemian flavor that I really appreciate.

We had a blast picking out the fabric and finishes for Heffe’s new monster comfortable couch. This pic provides a sneak peek. Expect a full colorshow once his arrives.

Follow the Heffe House Board on Pinterest.


Give Away from CSN Stores

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Its give away time!

CSN stores was kind enough to offer TEOT readers a chance to win a $40 gift certificate for use at any CSN store.

At CSN, selection is not going to be a problem, chances are good that they will have something for everyone at one of their 200+ stores.

If the 40 bucks was mine to blow I think I’d head over to All Modern OR I’ve been thinking about a bedroom vanity, CSN carries those…maybe I could create something like this setup in Sunrise Ruffalo’s home featured in Domino.

Ruffalo vanity Domino

To win the certificate all you have to do is leave a comment before this Sunday, August 1st  and tell us what you would purchase with the gift certificate.

Click here to visit All Modern or one of the other CSN stores.


Big Up Yourself

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For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about switching DC from a crib to a big girl bed. Dan and I think its a good idea to get a full size bed because it expands our space for guests but we want to be careful not to make it overwhelming for DC.

She doesn’t seem to mind sleeping in her crib at all so I’m taking my time in locating just the right bed.

I’ve looked at a lot of antique and vintage beds both twin and full size.  I’m really itching to line a pair of twin beds up but I don’t think I have the space in DC’s room for that.

sunshine ruffalo kids room

Sunshine Ruffalo’s home

I’m in the early stages of deciding what direction I want to go in as far as color.  Right now I like the idea of aqua or light blue with a punch of red.  The ceiling in DC’s room is Benjamin Moore’s In Your Eyes.

In Your Eyes

Jessica Helgerson childs room

Jessica Helgerson

kids room tee pee

source unknown

I like the bohemian and feminine feel in Violet’s room, so I’ve been looking at some quilts at Plover Organic and Roberta Roller Rabbit.

Violet's room Cookie


spindle bed

Found this “spindle bed” on Craigslist, $125 is a hot deal

vintage danish twin bed

Danish stunner on Craigslist, twin size, $75, its missing a spindle

white blake bed Land of Nod

Land of Nod, Blake bed

bed edland ikea

Edland, IKEA