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Brika takes the Maker Movement International

by Betsy Moyer on August 25, 2014, no comments

Far and Wide Collective at Brika

Since Sarah and I are always sitting around plotting and scheming and dreaming our own future endeavors into the world of retail and ecommerce, we love to swap notes on shops that are doing interesting things.

Are you guys already familiar with BRIKA?
They have been popping up here and there in my world and I love paying attention to these new networks of artists and crafters that get together and present their wares in way that appeals to my neo-hippie sensibilities. #SHOPSMALL

BRIKA though, really caught my eye with a recent partnership with Far + Wide Collective, which supports craft production and small businesses in post-conflict and emerging economies. So, now my love for hand crafted and personalized product can extend beyond just supporting local small businesses, and now it can reach into developing communities abroad. I love shopping to support humanity!

Especially when it looks like this!

Far and Wide Collective at Brika pillows

The products are presented along with stories and insights into the craft and the crafters behind them. In a day of mass made junk and technology overload, it’s nice to settle yourself into a little story about the constellation inspired toss pillow you have your eye on – knowing it was crafted out of hand made batik in Swaziland feels special.

Here is a little more eloquent presentation of what we are looking at here:

“The founder of Far + Wide, Hedvig Alexander, has extensive experience in international development, specifically in Afghanistan, and has seen first-hand how supporting craft production and small businesses (rather than donations alone) is the most effective and sustainable way to improve quality of life.  But Hedvig also understood something many socially based businesses don’t – the end product has to be beautiful and marketable.  Far + Wide Collections’ products are that perfect intersection of modern crafts that are authentic and exceptionally made while also providing real opportunities for communities in emerging economies.”

Sounds like a win/win to me.

Shop The Far + Wide Collective at BRIKA here.

The Estate of Things picks from BRIKA Far and Wide


Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

by Sarah on August 19, 2014, no comments

Mixed company-

I feel a bit apprehensive about mixing metals in the kitchen. So to get warmed up to mix on a current project I’m working on for an Atlanta family I gathered this round up to make an argument…for myself.

We’re leading off strong with all the metals present in this kitchen designed by Mary McDonald. Bronze cabinet hardware, brass pendants and silver faucet whether it be nickel or chrome. What is going on with that faucet, it has a very traditional, antique look but then it has a tall spray attachment.

metal mcdonald redo

This is a second view of the same kitchen,

metal macdonald

Arguably more tame combo, silver faucet + brass pendants over island + brass cabinet hardware

metal brass pendants

In this kitchen designed by Jessica Helgerson, we’re back to mixing all three again. Bronze in the lighting, brass on the cabinets and a silver pot filler and faucet,

metal helgerson

The Hicks pendants over the island bring the brass here. They are combined with a silver faucet and what is that bronze cabinet hardware? Also note, brass railheads on the barstools, there is a brassy element in the marble backsplash too.

metals all mixed Hicks pendant

Again with that faucet with the tall spray attachment that is silver matched with brass cabinet hardware and a brass chandelier above the island,

metal commercial faucet

The bronze hardware almost passes muster here with me but no not quite, I think they should’ve stuck with the brass and then used their bronze pendant, brass bridge faucet

metals brass faucet

This kitchen is a Hillary Thomas design, the bronze library sconce above the sink + aged brass on lantern light fixture above island + (and this is wacky) chrome diner bar stools and a silver faucet, pot filler and cabinet hardware,

metal OKL kitchen

The two tone cabinets are pretty on trend, actually most of the elements in this image are fairly trendy. But here we have a bronze cord on glass pendant, silver faucet, silver shelving brackets paired with brass cabinet hardware,

metal all mixed

This is almost like not actually mixing because its so subtle, but the pendant looks antique with brass and then everything else has a silver-toned finish. Coincidentally, if my Atlanta peeps are reading–you’ll notice the round sink in the island, ah!

metal vintage brass pendant

Although we are seeing only a mix here, a lot of designers that I have a great appreciation for do not mix or at most they’ll pair silver faucets and hardware with bronze light fixtures–which is completely safe in my opinion. I don’t know that I’m convinced either way.


The Very Best of…Front Door Colors

by Sarah on August 12, 2014, one comment

This is our edition of the Very Best of…Front Door Colors— of course until there are more that surpass these in bestiness.

This door is on an interesting modern Georgian farmhouse fusion, pretty wild combo

yellow door2

I’ve always liked this simple modern entry

yellow door

The old Blueprint mag cover. Makes you want to go out paint your whole cottage white with a little black trim on the gables, get some modern steel house numbers and some of those barn lights from Lowes, and don’t forget your IKEA watering can to get all styled up for your photo opp.

yellow door3

This is really tempting to me. I have warm brown shingles on my house with white trim and I’ve really been thinking about this,

blue on shingles

Before we could spruce up the Connecticut Ave duplex, I painted the front doors a color similar to this to shape the place up temporarily. It’s a stately blue.

dark blue door

I know all you beachy cottage loving boys and girls want to know what this color is and according to most sources on the interwebs, it’s Ben Moore’s Wythe Blue

blue wythe door

We couldn’t talk about front door color without mentioning the exquisite front entry of the townhome of designer Miles Redd,

miles redd door blue


pale blue door

Even if this is not your style, surely you must appreciate the detail and sophistication here,

cool blue grey

Again with that quiet blue/green,

sage door

OK things got a bit serious there now we’re back to a little more fun in a coastal cottage with robin’s egg blue paired with yellow shingles,

robins egg on yellow

I love those big tall french entry doors with a quarter of the bottom a solid panel and lime green well that just makes it all the more better, again with the barn light

lime door2

the contrast is paramount here, love it

lime door

having a little fun with a traditional entry, clearly there was risk that the gas lanterns were going to make things too formal,

green door

this shade of spruce green is so rich, wonder if it’s pine scented?

spruce green

Coral and navy, now that’s something you don’t see everyday

coral on navy door

a pattern will emerge, light blue likes to commiserate with orange quite often

orange door


orange gambrel door


orange door2



and rounding up the round up, is pink and peach on old brick, pretty dope if you ask me. Please email me if you actually do this to your brick house and then convince your neighbor to use the other color.

pink and peach


ACCENT your home with Vintage Flair – A Chairish Chair Challenge

by Betsy Moyer on August 11, 2014, no comments

Decorating tips for accent chairs a chairish challenge by the estate of things

We love a lot of layer and texture in our homes. Adding a vintage piece as an accent chair is a great trick to achieve this. It creates warmth, depth and interest to an overall room scheme. If you are seeking a casual and eclectic aesthetic, one thing to keep in mind is the mix! This maximalist approach requires mastering a combination of complimentary colors, textures and styles from multiple eras. You don’t want to lean too mid-century by placing all large pieces from the same era into one room, but a vintage accent piece is a step in the right direction!

Practice mixing up eras and styles by selecting a traditional if not timeless anchor in your sofa, then layer on a more brilliant selection with your side chairs and accessories. Don’t forget to pull in some organic textures by selecting woods and grasses, and you don’t have to shy away from color either. If it feels overwhelming, just have a look at how we’ve done it here, as each of us were challenged to design around a Chairish accent chair.

Sarah says:

I don’t live in CA but I love a SoCal look that is modern, bohemian, eclectic and laid back. Achieving SoCal cool is my objective here.

Chairish Room

Sources: Jaxon Sofa I Chairish Accent Chair I Table Lamp I Flower photograph I Accent Table I Coffee Table I Mirror I Seagrass Cube
Block print pillow I Striped pillow I Mudcloth pillow I Rug I  Floor Lamp I Chair I Abstract Painting

Betsy says:

If taking advice from Billy Baldwin, which we all should, his suggestion is that your large pieces of furniture sit quietly permanent, while your floating chairs are free to be brilliant. With this design board, I took the nod, (well – assuming that a light pink sofa is “quietly permanent”) and I paired it with some candy colored accessories. The overall on-trend indigo theme keeps the looked pulled together, and all of that colorful garnish gives off an eclectic warmth. Using a disciplined color palette creates a cohesive design while mixing pieces and patterns that span time and culture.

The Estate of Things Chairish Chair Challenge pick by Betsy

Sources: Chairish Accent Chair  I  Embroidered Pouf  I  Kilim Cubes  I  Macrame Wall Hanging  I
Over-dyed Rug  I  Custom Sofa by Jaxon Home  I   Grass Rug  I  Safavieh Lamp  I  Selamat Coffee Table  I  Light Fixture  I  Indigo Pillows