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Estate Envy El Medio Bluffs

by Betsy Moyer on December 2, 2014, no comments

Sarah sent me a link to this home that is out of the budget and the dude rues the day because I can’t shut up about it.

I drove around to get to know the neighborhood and I thoroughly enjoyed the totally unexpected Asilomar Park at the top of the bluffs. While I sat there, I fantasized about walking my puppy to that park on the bluffs daily, and cruising around the neighborhood on bikes with Heffe’s kids. It’s an idyllic neighborhood with lovely Santa Monica mountain, canyon and ocean views. I’m not sure there is a cooler neighborhood in the country. I’ll be keeping my eye on it, meanwhile peep the perfect post and beam that caught our eye and sent me on the journey. Sarah and I will continue to email back and forth in depth about it’s pros and cons!



What We talk about Everyday

by Sarah on November 26, 2014, one comment

Betsy and I talk about this literally everyday.

serial scene of crime

When Betsy first told me about it a few weeks ago she said “I’ve got to tell you about something that is right up your alley, it’s a podcast but who ever got excited about a podcast!” This one is different.

It is a story presented week by week about a 1999 murder of a bright and lovely high school girl named Hae Min Lee. It is a compelling story and at many times disheartening, sad and frustrating to say the least. Some say Serial is revolutionary in it’s presentation and format. What’s even more compelling for me is that I was the same age as the kids tangled in this tragedy, I went to high school in the late 1990s, I too listened to KC & JoJo and my journal was filled with roller coaster emotions. I love him the most—I hate him. And I had a car phone.

Betsy and I have chosen to dig in to the Serial SubReddit. Some people aren’t in to that but there are other resources and hardy conspiracy talk there just in case you can’t wait for next week.



House Hunting – Considering PreFab

by Betsy Moyer on November 26, 2014, no comments

I have a gypsy fantasy that I refer to as Seven Wanders. It is a fluid fantasy that has something to do with renovating my camper, something to do with Heffe brewing beer, something to do with launching an entrepreneurial hospitality business, and something to do with weekend getaways in Southern California and North Carolina.

Do you do this? Is it normal for people to have abstract fantasies that they name and build a website for!?

So, getting back to the fantasy of living on some mountain land. Once we find it – let’s erect a Pre-Fab! Here are a few options that I dig. I especially lean toward the lean-to shape shed roofs with rustic and modern elements mixed together, lots of texture in the reclaimed woods and walls of glass! So lovely in a natural setting like Topanga Canyon.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.42.18 AM
PreFab homes the estate of things
Connect Homes Model 7.4
eco space studios
jenny pre fab

The Sierra by Jenesys 


The fantasy is ever-evolving on my Pinterest Board Mountain Land Dreaming
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Looking for the right Ankle Boots

by Sarah on November 24, 2014, 3 comments

Timeout from the house for a minute if you don’t mind.

I am not great at shoe selection for some reason, I can’t explain it –I’m just challenged. My shoe wardrobe is severely limited and recently I made the conscious decision to go shoe shopping and seek out the right ankle boot. And generally I have to ease in to trends so its taken me a couple of seasons ok but I’m there now, I’m ready.

Things I knew going in that I needed to consider would include; comfort, flexibility (will they work for a wide range of outfits) and price. Things I learned once I started trying on in the Nordstrom shoe department; height of the boot (I have short legs I’m only 5’2″), whether or not it had buckles and was it a pull-on or had a zipper. Ultimately I think the most important elements for me in this search were the height of the boot and the heel height. I think that my frame and height tend to look better in a shorter ankle boot and I have to be careful not to look as a friend recently said, “like a gnome”.

So here’s the field,

ankle boots

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