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A Confession

I ordered this. I wrote out something very sweet and I had it sent to myself. It arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes you are forced to treat yourself. I’ve had a few Feb 14ths without a Valentine and this was one… It was the sweetest thing that I have ever received for the holiday!!

The Estate of Things chooses the World's Smallest Postal Service

The Estate of Things chooses the World's Smallest Postal Service


The Natural History of Teddy Bears

Today I am fantasizing. I must have a serious library in my home. I will fill it floor to ceiling with all of the beautiful books I desire, but also I’d like for it to resonate a slight taste of exaggerated loony science professor feeling with the decor, with a smattering of scientific specimen on the shelves and walls. A silly academia.

Artist Stephanie Metz has created a series of Felt Wool figures and they are pretty neato. I especially love the teddy bear fetus in a jar. This is perfect for the library.

The Estate of Things chooses Artist Stephanie Metz

The Estate of Things chooses artist Stephanie Metz

The Estate of Things chooses Artist Stephanie Metz

The Estate of Things chooses artist Stephanie Metz


Mustache, YourStache?

It appears the mustache craze isn’t letting up and I wish I were a dude so I could participate – but since I’m not, perhaps I’ll settle for one of these more graphic options:
Click on the Images for more details!!

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller BreadandBadger

The Esttate of Things chooses Etsy Seller benfloeter

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller neawear

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller PartyBots

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy seller somethingshidinghere


Hipsteria in Raleigh

By Posted on 0

After doing some searching on Craig’s List, I stumbled upon a store called Hipsteria that had several listings. To say I was excited would be putting it mildly. Hipsteria is located at 18 Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, NC. They have some items listed on their website but there was more at the store, so I had to go.

welcome to Hipsteria

Hipsteria’s shop space is located downstairs in the Carter Building.  It is surrounded by artist studios, which is another reason to stop and shop. The grand opening is this Saturday 2/14.  The store will offer special discounts, hors d’oeuvres and live Jazz.  Email Benjamin at [email protected].

The shop’s owner, Benjamin Clark has this to say about his fantastic store,

Many people find mid-century furniture very confusing – not only the many different looks, but also the pricing – prices can vary widely for pieces that appear to be very similar. Our goal is to be a “safe haven” for mid-century shoppers – a place where someone can feel confident that whatever they select, it will be of good quality and priced fairly. You don’t have to be an expert to shop at Hipsteria, just someone who appreciates mid-century design…or who knows someone who does!

After visiting, I met Benjamin and learned that the store had only been there for about a month. Benjamin told me his favorite piece in the store right now is a Paul McCobb fold-down bar. He said he is partial to McCobb because he grew up in an apartment in New York filled with these kinds of pieces.

I settled on a Milo Baugham tufted ottoman covered in gold velvet which unfortunately has seen better days. I was in the market for an ottoman and this one has a storage compartment (for toys) and it is on casters so it will easily roll around the room to be used as an ottoman and as extra seating or a soft coffee table that my little one can bump her head on and keep on moving.

Benjamin carried my ottoman out to my car, loaded it in and we shook hands and I said I would be back. He has old records and big stack of art and design books that I didn’t even look through yet.

This is a really special piece, a Milo Baugham settee with a rosewood shell, wowsers

the estate of things chooses milo baugham

Wasilly chair

the estate of things chooses wassily chair

Heywood Wakefield cocktail table

the estate of things chooses hipsteria

Chrome and glass end tables, made in Italy

the estate of things chooses hipsteria

Heywood Wakefield dining set

the estate of things chooses heywood wakefield



A Loveseat For My Valentine

My valentine does not want a loveseat, but I do.

              the estate of things chooses laura george card

Card from Laura George at Dwanda, courtesy of Print & Pattern


Bungalow 404 has a two-part living room. We converted what used to be the dining room in to an extension of the living room.  These two rooms are separated by french doors. The TV has to be mounted over the fireplace in the front room (not what I originally envisioned but it had to be this way) so the living room part two will probably become a sitting room/library.  I have a suitable sofa for the front room with the TV but I’m currently in search of an affordable loveseat or settee for the library that has a classic quality. Vintage or antique is not out but I’d probably have to have it recovered because I’m looking for a deal and deals sometimes have ugly or dated upholstery. 

After taping off the shape and measurement of a sofa in the room, I’ve determined that it needs to be well inside 70″.  There is room planning software and download options out there and I have used them before but there’s nothing like really visualizing the scale and size in the actual room.  Which one do you like the best?

These are some of my considerations,

EQ3, Solo, 57″ wide, $649

the estate of things chooses EQ3

EQ3, Saga, 64″, $749

 the estate of things chooses EQ3

EQ3, Tavern, 67″, $749

the estate of things chooses eq3

IKEA, Karlstad, 65 3/8″, $579, Remove cover for dry cleaning

the estate of things chooses ikea

Sofa (UK), Jackson, 69″, $1131.67, Biscuit linen, fabric can be dry cleaned, I really think these two seaters from the UK’s are really dreamy. This is what I really want!

the estate of things chooses

Sofa (UK), Bluebell

the estate of things chooses

Lee, 44-02 slipcovered loveseat, 65″

 the estate of things chooses lee industries

Crate & Barrel, Troy Twin Sleeper, 53″, $999

the estate of things chooses crate and barrel


Pottery Barn, Marcel Mini Sofa, 55″, $899

the estate of things chooses pottery barn








Etsy Seller of the Week: Cosas Minimas

the estate of things chooses cosas minimas etsy shop

The object of our Etsy affection this week is, Blancucha’s Cosas Minimas or Tiny Things.

Blanca Gomez is a graphic designer and illustrator and the proprietor of Cosas Minimas.  She creates lovely goccos, paintings, prints, collages and more from her home in Madrid.

Blanca is the cover artist for the Spring 2009 edition of Uppercase Magazine. You can visit Blanca, learn more about her and see more of her work at her website, blog, or at flickr.

the estate of things chooses uppercase magazine

the estate of things chooses cosas minimas

the estate of things chooses cosas minimas gocco

the estate of things chooses cosas minimas

the estate of things chooses cosas minimas

the estate of things chooses cosas minimas



Etsy Seller of the Week: LemonGrass Studio

By Posted on 0

Alison is ‘hooking’ us up with some Handmade Rugs at the LemonGrass Studio on Etsy. I love the folk art quality and believe me this is a true skill, I had a phase where I wanted to handhook my own rugs and the business is TEDIOUS. I never got more than a corner completed.

Here are a few favs from her shop!! The Mod Pod would look great hanging on my wall. Alison – we love what you’re doing on Etsy!!

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller LemonGrass Studio

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller LemonGrass Studio

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller LemonGrass Studio


Dear TEOT: Kristin’s Apartment

the estate of things chooses the selby

Poster from the home of Audrey Mascina and Jerome Sans, The Selby

My friend Kristin keeps asking me to come over and help her figure out what to do with several areas in her new apartment. Kristin has a problem that many people face as renters. How can I give my apartment with hospital white walls and mini-blinds some pizazz.

Kristin used to work in radio and during that time she amassed quite a collection of concert posters. She doesn’t want to get rid of of them and some of them she cherishes.

In the absence of a large wall in the apartment, where can she display her collection?

My recommendation was to hang them salon style above her bed. This is the biggest wall in the apartment. This also solves another problem, what direction should she go in for a color scheme. Hanging the collection over her bed solves both of these problems, she brings in all the colors from all of the different posters in to the room AND a location for the collection has been selected. Since she already has white walls I suggested that the bedding and all other accessories either be white or neutral and rely solely on the posters to carry all the color.

Images from Aaron Rose’s apartment, The Selby

the estate of things chooses the selby the estate of things chooses aaron rose

Image from Living Etc

the estate of things chooses living etc

Her second question:

How can I make my desk a little more bedroom friendly?

The only space option for the computer and desk is in her bedroom. Her desk leans a little more toward OfficeMax than she might like.

My suggestion is to find a new desk that functions as both a vanity and a workstation. Kristin will be buying a laptop to replace her desktop soon, so the computer will take up less desk space. I think that West Elm’s Parsons desk could be the remedy. It’s sleek and classic and you could feel just as comfortable sitting at the Parsons surfing the net as you would putting on your makeup in the mirror.

the estate of things chooses west elm parsons desk

I suggested maybe putting some small bowls (ceramic, woven, wooden etc) out to hold jewelry and a mirror to give it more of a vanity-type feel.  Small mismatch bowls of all descriptions can be picked up a flea markets and thrift stores.

Image from Daisy Cottage

the estate of things chooses daisy cottage

Little Birch Jewelry Stand from Urban Outfitters

the estate of things chooses urban outfitters

After seeing Kristin’s place for myself, I realized that she has quite a mish-mash of personal memorabilia spread throughout the living area and bedroom.  There is an absence of continuity in style, design and color.  To take the first strike at this problem, I suggested that she go through everything including what is stuffed in her closet and begin editing. She should keep the things that are part of her personal history but store them if they don’t contribute to the aesthetic appeal of her space.  Eliminate things that she has been harboring just because. Maybe someone else will enjoy that fairy figurine your friend gave you for your birthday or the iron cross you bought during your short-lived goth phase.

We’ll check in with Kristin later to see how she is progressing with personalizing her space.


James Leland Day

The styling of James Leland Day can be seen in several of our favorite design mags. Many of the interiors that have been captured can be a great source of inspiration. Thinking of going bold with color? These images could help. I particularly like the use of red and turquoise.

Notice the red Pauchard chair, iconic French design

Oh Moroccan rug, how do I love thee…

The rug really brightens the room, the light streaming in through the window doesn’t hurt either

IKEA rug


Renovating Bungalow 404: Kitchen Inspiration

After a long search in both print and on the internet, I think I have found the right source of inspiration for Bungalow 404’s kitchen. If you are fairly indecisive like me, then it’s a relief to finally settle on a look you want to pursue.

Found on pointclickhome

the estate of things chooses pointclickhome

This kitchen has many elements that I like, they are:

  • Chrome/Nickel bin pulls
  • Black countertops
  • Chrome/glass pendants
  • White cabinetry
  • Ebony, gloss hardwoods
  • Open to dining area

Oh and I think it’s important to tell you that I have decided to pack up my little family and move in to Bungalow 404…in case you hadn’t already surmised that. My favorite architectural style right now is Craftsman/Bungalow and I couldn’t pass up the chance to have my very own. And I am pretty sure Betsy is scouring the MLS searching for one that she can call her own because she’s jealous– but hey she gets to go to Europe this Spring.

Back to the kitchen…here are some purchases I have made to outfit 404’s kitchen.

At first I was sold for sure on the Phane pendant at Conran but just decided that it was out of my budget because I needed four and at $350 each, they got the boot.

the estate of things chooses conran

Instead I ended up with the Clemson pendant from Restoration Hardware which I purchased new on Ebay and saved $40.

the estate of things chooses restoration hardware

You’ll remember from a previous post that I chose white cabinets, some with glass fronts. I’ve also selected Absolute Black granite countertops and I’ve received one quote and am waiting for the cabinets to be installed on 2/9 before I receive the 2nd quote.  One of the stone companies I am working with advised me that Absolute Black granite tends to show scratches more than his Black Pearl and Black Galaxy stone. I had to just take that advise and move on because I couldn’t give up the consistency of the Absolute and I didn’t like the shiny stones or filler in the pearl and galaxy.

I purchased this lovely faucet for the kitchen sink after reading the reviews on Overstock and comparing prices.

the estate of things chooses overstock

Most of the original flooring on the main level is in fine shape and will be refinished. However, in the kitchen and new dining room, there was a mix between cheap laminate flooring and ugly and worn linoleum. New flooring will be installed Monday and it is a dark Hickory Spice by Somerset Flooring. The salesperson assured my Mom over the phone that it was an espresso-like finish.

the estate of things chooses somerset flooring

This is natural hickory which I think would’ve been nice for the basement but we got white oak instead.

the estate of things chooses somerset flooring

The contractor will continue the rest of the carpentry and trim work that needs to be done this coming week to prepare for the painters.  Painters have already started prepping, caulking, sanding and doing some priming.  The original trim work really needs to be sanded and smoothed to prepare it for paint. They plan to clean and pressure wash the exterior to prepare it for paint on Monday. The pressure is now on to select the rest of the interior and exterior paint colors this weekend.  I really want to get the outside color just right, I don’t want to pull in to the driveway everyday and it not be exactly what I wanted to see, it will bother the hell out of me so…I am going to probably paint a couple of samples on and observe those for at least 48 hours and make a decision from there.


Little Paper Planes

I know, I know… Domino wants us to go seek affordable art at 20×200, which is a great resource but I also want to share the site Little Paper Planes with you.

Little Paper Planes offers some exclusive prints, original artwork, apparel, jewelry, accessories and paper goods. LPP labels themselves as an “online store bringing together a community of artists”. You’ll see some familiar artists that also have a space at Etsy or Poppytalk but you’ll also see some stuff you haven’t seen before.

If you’re looking for original works, Little Paper Planes is a good place to start.

I have been considering this print for quite some time. I like to think it’s my husband and I, only hubby doesn’t have a beard or curly hair any more because he’s a corporate man now.

A Look Only You Would Understand – Ashley Goldberg

the estate of things chooses ashley goldberg

Another Time – Rachel Salomon

the estate of things chooses Rachel Salomon

Orange Peacocks – Helen Acraman

the estate of things chooses Helen Acraman

Earrings by We Dream in Colour and a spiral bound notebook, which in my humble opinion is the only way to go because it lays flat. Notebook by Pinecone and Chickadee

the estate of things chooses we dream in colour the estate of things chooses pinecone and chickadee

I couldn’t resist posting this t-shirt designed by No Star T-Shirts

the estate of things chooses no star t-shirts


Sunday Mornin Surf Sesh

I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers take the weekend off. This is okay with me cause it gives me an opportunity to spend a little time with Google Reader and catch up on the various posts from the week that I missed due to the fact that I must work.

I especially enjoy sitting back lazily on a late Sunday morning with Coffee, my laptop and my dog, which is kinda crazy cause that’s what I do ALL WEEK LONG as well. Proves my true affection for the www.

So this is all about some links to things of interest as I sift through my ginormous pile of bookmarks for the week!

– – – – – – – – – –

Mama Said We Could Draw – I have not Seen Star Wars
Author: Bliss (our Mad-Men Giveaway Winner)
This video made me laugh.

– – – – – – – – – –

Artist Shira Sella
Wow. I really like this image. It feels like a dream I’ve had a million times.

The Estate of Things chooses Artist Shira Sela

– – – – – – – – – –

The Labbit is Back – with all new habbits
I have a growing collection of the little miniature version of these guys – the smokers… I love going out of my way to pick them up in little urban artist posts when I visit cities. There are about $5 each and you just pick up a box – without knowing what color awaits you! Each of my bunnies has a different story. It was kinda fun to stumble upon this guy on the Amazon site. today.

The Estate of Things chooses the Smorkin Labbit on

– – – – – – – – – –

Baltimore Rowhouse – Pajama Jammy Jam
I had an inkling that it might be the case – but now I’m certain that I could be BFF with these people. I mean, I really want to be hanging out with these folks at the Pajama Party that they threw in honor of a completed year’s worth of renovations to their impressive home. You should start following this blog now!! Its a great resource for renovators. We love you Corey!!

The Estate of Things chooses Baltimore Rowhouse Blog

– – – – – – – – – –

SwissMiss – A Minimalist Way of viewing Flickr Images
SwissMiss found this neat way to scroll through a Flickr library. (Which is great b/c seriously, as much as I want to love Flickr – I very much dislike its navigation interface.)  If you have a Flickr account, your URL is Here’s what we have on TheEstateofThings.

– – – – – – – – – –

Renovation Therapy – My.Total.Dream.House and Sure, There are worse things
Wow, let me take a moment to express my love for this chick. She’s funny and I love all that she blogs of. My heart totally goes out on these posts – as I know how hard it is to come down from a fantasy like the one she describes here. Check out that beautiful barn house.

– – – – – – – – – –

And if you Twitter – here’s a quick mention of the new folks that TeoT follows as a result of todays surf sesh!! Click here to follow us!?

Velocityem and VelocityJohn – From Velocity Art & Design


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