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Commitment Issues

I thought for a hot minute that I might want to wallpaper the downstairs bathroom at Bungalow 404 with this Blackbird by Cavern, via Walnut Wallpaper

Cavern Wallpaper

It’s a small space and it would be above white wainscoting. Just a touch. But I can’t do it, I can’t commit to wallpaper.

Should I?

I fear my love for wallpaper is fleeting. I think wallpaper and I would have a long and fruitless engagement, I will never marry.

cavern wallpaper Blackbird-installation-shot


Risky Business

The risk isn’t in the design.

Needless to say the owners of this home don’t have any children and I’m guessing they never get drunk in this apartment either.

“Hello Anna, can we come over to your house tonight, Lars and I would like to get sloshed”

the estate of things chooses skona hem

image from Skona Hem


Raya’s House

My mother always greets my 8-month old daughter by saying “Hi, Dylan you’re at Nani’s house!” It just kind of became a habit and now I ask Dylan if she wants to go to Nani’s house or Brenda’s house or whoever’s house and she seems to recognize the question and always meets it with a smile.  When she goes into a house she immediately begins looking around like she is associating the person with the dwelling.

So that’s why I called this post, Raya’s House.  I found Raya Carlisle’s home over at Cookie Magazine’s site. After combing the house tours, I liked Raya’s the best and I think you might enjoy it too.

After visiting Raya’s blog and playing voyeur on her flickr photostream, I learned that she is a lifestyle photographer and had her first child, Baker in February of ’08.

the estate of things chooses paper pony

Raya-we’re glad you shared!


Roland Bello Photography

Roland Bello captures some great interiors.  My personal favorites are the images of the outdoor spaces at an apartment.  

Some of the shots were for the FLOR catalog. I won’t write about what is already a heavily-blogged topic, but I will say that the FLOR catalog can be an excellent source of inspiration when designing a home. I have referenced mine on occasion.  

Who can get enough of Suzanis, right Mom?


The Winner of Sweetshorn’s Vintage Shop item….

HUGE THANKS to everyone that played with us! We received some really great inspirational TV shows and Movies from you guys over there at the MAD MEN DECOR GIVEAWAY post. It was hard to decide who should receive Alia’s sweet Etched Number Glasses.

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller Sweetshorn VintageThe Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller Sweetshorn

So, I went on some image hunts and did some reading and googling for each entry and I think the most extensive inspiration was Stranger Than Fiction, nominated by Bliss. Bliss is a fellow Etsy seller of the shop SewBlissSew. Thank you Bliss, congratulations!

The movie Stranger than Fiction inspires me both visually and creatively. I too loved the modern eclectic mix of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character. I was just thinking last night about a design reference to the word “Bohemian” and all of its funny derivitives (BoHoMo, BoHoChic, etc.) and how its been used to characterize some design choices that I can identify with……… Ms. Pascal’s apartment fits under this term for sure.

The lamp that Bliss referred to – that hangs over Ms. Pascal’s dining room table, appears (fuzzily) in the movie still below. Tracking this Stain Glass chandelier down was a topic of cultish debate over at the Apartment Therapy site in 2006. I’ll save you from reading the 39 comments. No one found it – its a one of a kind. The best identification they could come up with was that it is a Moroccan Hanging Lantern.

Those HIGH ladder back chairs in that image are INSANE too. Wow! Bliss – thank you!!

The Estate of Things chooses Stranger Than Fiction Stain Glass Chandelier

PS: I HAVE to give a shout out to Anna’s selection – Revolution Road! It was really tough for me to choose between these two. As it turns out – Set Decorator FORD WHEELER worked on both.



She’s Got Bedroom Eyes

Lately I’m at a loss for bedroom design, I’m hoping these will give me a jump start. See any you like?


I like the graphic rug and art arrangement over the bed. Apartment Therapy

                                        the estate of things chooses apartment therapy

I love the fabric panels. Skeppsholmen

                  the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

Always love the bench(s) or stools at the end of the bed, Domino

                   the estate of things chooses domino

Vanity or desk placed in front of the windows, Living Etc

                      the estate of things chooses living etc

Jonathan Adler bedroom, very dreamy, great size and layout, BP3 Blog

                       the estate of things chooses bp3

Ione Skye’s bedroom featured in Domino, this room started my obsession with the striped rug in the bedroom

                         the estate of things chooses domino

I think without the beams and slanted walls you probably lose the effect, Domino

                            the estate of things chooses domino

James Leland Day


Roland Bello Photography


Sara Bengur Design


Sheila Bridges Design


After creating this post I realized that 4 of the 11 rooms had painted floors. Could it be a message?





What’s New at Hable Construction

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We recently heard from our new friend and fan Jen at Hable Construction. I think by now everyone is pretty aware of how fabulous Hable Construction is. I like to browse the site from time to time to see what’s new. During a recent perusal, I again lovingly gazed upon the canvas bead storage bins. When will they cease to be great…I say never.

the estate of things chooses hable construction

the estate of things chooses hable construction the estate of things choose hable construction the estate of things chooses hable construction

the estate of things chooses hable constructionthe estate of things chooses hable construction

the estate of things chooses hable constructionthe estate of things chooses hable construction

And one of my other personal favorites are the heart sachets for your Valentine

the estate of things chooses hable construction

Thanks Jen! How could we not love Hable Construction.



Yay! Charlotte, NC opens Ikea in one month

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The Estate of Things chooses Ikea Charlotte, NC

My love affair with Ikea is long. It waxes and it wanes, but for the most part its been a constant affection – one that started out fiery and passionate (you’ve been in my Philadelphia apartment before, the one that feels like an Ikea Showroom). It has matured into a calm reliability with time (a carefully curated mix). I’m sure we will only grow closer as I now welcome Ikea with open arms into my home state of North Carolina. Location: I-85 at City Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina

The store has been officially added to the Ikea Website, you can see it here. A map will soon be added – and I just read that 135 retailer shops will be developed in the surrounding area!

My friend John and I have been joking about taking the camper down. They are opening up the parking lot 2 full days before opening day so that people can begin lining up for the Grand Opening on February 18th. I’m really interested in going to witness this as a spectacle, and I’m afraid to admit that I’m hoping I will totally score some free stuff on the adventure. Does anyone know what they typically give away for these events?

Aside from the girlish excitement of having some accessible and affordable Swedish modernism within a short drive, I’ve grown up and I’m a homeowner now, so I’m looking forward to shopping Ikea differently. I’m ready to get down business with their Kitchen Cabinets, Sinks, Fixtures, and Closet Solutions!! I don’t know about their reliability or their quality. Any thoughts!?

Ikea Set


Bokeh Photography

Bokeh” is a Japanese word for blurry or dizzy. And its my new favorite search term for Etsy and Flickr photo finds. This photography trend is weaseling its way into my heart and I wanna share a few examples with you!

Subject Matter often includes Nighttime Lights, Rain, Birds, and Florals and many times features focus on the object closest to the lens. The most important characteristic of the Bokeh photo is the blur happening within the light in the unfocused area, it becomes a fuzzy round spot, void of definition!

The best bokeh results for me evoke a dreamy ethereal feeling, and are especially desirable when the photographer has found the right sun ray to pour into the frame. Like this one by Etsy Seller KristyBee. I just wanna live inside of a photo like this.

The Estate of Things chooses Bokeh Photographer and Etsy Seller Kristybee

Here’s another that I enjoy by Etsy Seller Pretty Petal Studio

The Estate of Things chooses Bokeh Photographer and Etsy Seller Pretty Petal Studio

And who knew Nail Heads could be so cute, by Etsy Seller Helvetica Neue

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller HeveticaNeue

Please click on these beautiful thumbnail Images below from Flickr and enjoy as I have!!


Estate Envy

We’ve decided to start a weekly feature for The Real Estate of Things. Through this feature we’ll share properties currently on the market that we love, more interiors that inspire us, homes we wish we could live in.

Our first installment of Estate Envy brings you a property listed by Skeppsholmen, a Swedish agency that was discovered through the lovely blog, Desire to Inspire.

I think the highlights are the kitchen, fireplace and the outdoor spaces. What are your favorite parts? Maybe you don’t like it all, let us know.

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

the estate of things chooses skeppsholmen

Love this house but can’t afford international real estate? Take a look at the Cottage Company. The Cottage Company with the help of architect Ross Chapin have been busy creating “pocket neighborhoods” in the Northwestern part of the country. Purchase one of Ross’ plans and put your cottage anywhere.


Your MAD MEN Decor starts with an Etched Number Glasses GIVEAWAY!!

The world is abuzz with the aesthetic accuracy and overwhelmingly authentic homage to Mid-Century lifestyle and design seen in AMC’s hit TV show Mad Men and its no surprise that they captured Golden Globe’s BEST SERIES for the second year in a row. Design bloggers have been on this tip for some time, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed their design tips in reference to the show.

I just recently watched the entire first season in two sittings. It took me about two weeks to stop fantasizing my everyday life was that of a Manhattanite Secretary from the 60s.

The Estate of Things chooses Mad Men Set Decor

So, we want to help you get started on your Mad Men Interiors by offering you these RAD glasses. Perfect for sipping on your highball while you watch the show. They come from Etsy Seller of the week, Sweetshorn .

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller Sweetshorn

The Sweet Etched Number Glasses were TEOT’s pick for favorites from the many treasures that Alia at Sweetshorn has collected and she’s been kind enough to offer them to a specially chosen TEOT reader. Take a look at her other items and feel free to drop her a line to tell her how rad she is for the well curated collection of vintage finds, killer presentation too!

So how do you get your hands on these glasses!? Just write in and tell us which Television Shows and/or Movies have inspired you in your home decor!? We would certainly love to post pictures in your comment for you (if you have them email them to [email protected]) but they are certainly not required!!

The Estate of Things chooses Etsy Seller Sweetshorn

Recommended Reading: Sarah’s Mrs. Robinson Post

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