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Home Decor Trends

Trends: Shiplap

Let’s shiplap the world, shall we? If the designers and folks that I follow on Pinterest had their way I think we would. Even I can’t wait to clad something in shiplap or painted tongue and groove paneling, I really wanted to do the bathroom at the Grout Cottage renovation but decided to cut cost in the end.

shiplap 1x8x12 board

You can install shiplap in just about any room you’d like. If the image of shiplap doesn’t immediately come to your mind, let Google define it for you–

Fit boards together by halving so that each overlaps the one below OR boards fitted together in this way, used for cladding.

The definition didn’t exactly clear up the confusion for me so let’s switch to the visual part of this presentation.

Creative backsplash transition in to shiplap wainscoting..I love itshiplap bath

shiplap bath2

shiplap bath3

shiplap bath4

shiplap bath5

shiplap bed2

shiplap bed3

shiplap bed5

shiplap kitchen3

shiplap kitchen2

shiplap kitchen

A butler’s pantry in maybe 1×6 boards

shiplap butlers pantry

Vertical shiplap as a backsplash in the kitchen or is that paneling I can’t tell.

shiplap kitchen4

shiplap livingImages via Pinterest


Trends: Guatemalan Fabric

In the chunk of items that Sarah added to the Teot Etsy Shop, she included this Guatemalan fabric. I’m feeling a little wanty.

I get the visual appeal of exotic textiles in all my favorite girlcrush colors, I’ve had my flings with fantasies of gypsy caravanning across the nation in a camper with nothing but a Newfie. I’ve imagined myself important enough to wake up naked on the isle of Ibiza…. but being boho is more than JUST traveling the world in hemp kaftans and Tom’s shoes. It’s also about EXOTIC FABRIC THROW PILLOWS!

Mix a bunch of these vintage fabric babies among the throws on your couch. Buy the Guatamalan fabric and sew up your own. It’s easy, it’s just a square! :)



This is seriously a style that I have to approach a bit more strategically these days (ie within the confines of Pinterest). Heffe no likey hot pink & purple…. but nothing will stop me from shopping at Cost Plus’ World Market.

And oh my god…. in order to do this right, I gotta get myself a gypsy dog. Just look at him! Miss you Poll. Love you my deardeardog.


Tortoiseshell in the Etsy Shop

Sarah recently stocked up the Etsy shop with a great selection of vintage scores. A few things I wouldn’t mind snagging for myself.


The vintage spotted ginger jar in particular got my wheels spinning around Tortoise. The pattern has been catching my eye, and a few highballs have been on my wish list for sometime, in fact – I was certain I was opening up a box of 4 on christmas morning.

Here are a few examples of tortoise in action.



I’m kinda kiddin with this photoshopped job…. it’s just for funsies!

But, if you’re an avid design blog consumer, you are likely familiar with Jamie Meares of Furbish/iSuwannee. She injected some tortoise into her signature pattern mixxxxxx for a tablescape back around Thanksgiving. That’s her picture up there w/ the highballs. God bless her little heart. She’s doing good things.

Nate Berkus hangs turtles all over his house(that’s his living room pictured), and so do a handful of other designers (Kelly Wearstler, I ain’t mad at ya.) It’s kinda like the new antlers, interior designer’s next great choice in exoskeletal accoutrement.

Nonetheless….. It has caught my eye, stuck with me and well, now I’m just sitting here wanting Sarah’s ginger jar! And I still want those highballs too…. Cou –Heffe – gh!




Trends: Thrown Together

I noticed something recently…

fashion motorcycle jacket

fashion nice shorts

fashion fedora

fashion nude blouse

that I really love the looks that appear thrown together,

fashion slouchy stripes

fashion rachel bilson

fashion monogram necklace

fashion purple sweater

fashion polka dots
no frills, casual, effortless style

fashion emerson made

fashion sienna miller

fashion black maxi

do you think these women just grabbed something from their closet or is everything on purpose?  Olivia Palermo would never leave the apartment without careful selection would she? Is it their appearance and the way they wear the clothes that is appealing?

fashion olivia palermo

fashion striped sweater

fashion arm party

fashion summer jacket

fashion elbow patches
From what I can glean from Pinterest, lots of us appreciate this same look. Wondering what fashion blogs you read?

all images via Pinterest


Trends: Overmount Bath Sinks

I think I took notice of overmount or self rimming sinks when Lonny partnered with Kohler in their most recent issue. They featured the Tresham collection,

Kohler Tresham overmount sink

Then from there I started noticing them more,

Garden Court Hotel overmount sink

Garden Court Hotel

I think with their overstated molding-like frames they are directed at more classic, elegant baths.

houzz bath overmount sink

via Houzz

Here’s an oval,

overmount oval sink bath

Let’s compare the self rimming variety to its undermount counterpart,

Ebony & Marble bath

House & Home

Undermount definitely creates more of a seamless look,

Gil Schafer traditional bath

Gil Schafer

In a kitchen, an undermount sink makes counter cleanup easier because you just sweep the mess in to the sink. In the bathroom, that’s not really an issue.

grey bath cabinet vanity Brook Gianetti

Brooke Giannetti

(P.S. isn’t that blue/grey vanity fantastic, I want to try that!)

Do you think both sink styles have their merits? Which one do you prefer?