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Dudes Decor

Sarah’s Picks for Houzz: Masculine Bedroom

So it appears that my recent Ideabook for Houzz for a masculine bedroom spot generated more opinion and comments than I would’ve guessed. People are pretty opinionated about some of my picks. Check it out and tell me what you think.


Heffe House: Bringing in Color with Accessories

I’m happy to report that my initial post about the Heffe House went over quite well with the dude. As mentioned in that introduction, he is diametrically opposed to a turquoise couch.  Color is at the crux of our “push and pull.”

If you are like Heffe…….. and hesitant to commit to color, here are a few examples of rooms that look colorful and lively, but aren’t packing a ton of investment. Accessories aren’t long-term, so its much easier to pack big pops of hue without a) breaking the bank….. or b) giving the faint of heart an anxiety attack when you ask them to drop $2500 on a deep teal velvet couch.

The first room comes from Sarah’s suggestion to check out the Ruffalo home that was featured in Domino in 2009. She has an exceptional memory. But even I remember that she found some of the real estate photos from when this Hollywood Hills home was on the market. See that “Real Estate Envy” post here. That’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Anyway. Check the pic. These guys aren’t skimping on quality artwork, so that makes a HUGE difference. but largely the base is all warm woods, white wall, and browns. The artwork, lamp and pillows become big players in green, yellow and red. That little console by the door, with its red legs, is an easy and important addition. Overall though – the big ticket items aren’t crazy. They are safe quality choices.

Sunrise Ruffalo living room The Estate of Things

Here is another example. This image came to my attention from Amber ‘s shout out to Trina Turk’s spread in MatchbookMag. I grabbed it b/c those built-ins are strikingly similar to the ones in the Heffe House, so I thought it was a great image to hang onto. The pops of color in the books and the accessories on top of all that wood tone make this feel like a rich vignette. The major pieces here are again, are all neutrals.

Trina Turk Home The Estate of Things

Sarah asked if Heffe likes the moroccan rug. YES! Yay, the answer is yes. This is one large neutral possibility that I can totally get down with – without missing the flowery anthropologie option if it where my own indulgent choice.

In conclusion. Heffe is on his way. He totally pulled the trigger on a beautiful large piece last Saturday after a long ride down the bike path along the ocean.

I took him toLiveStyle in Venice, a store that I’ve blogged about before. Can’t say enough nice stuff about Francesca. She has a sweet high end bohemian flavor that I really appreciate.

We had a blast picking out the fabric and finishes for Heffe’s new monster comfortable couch. This pic provides a sneak peek. Expect a full colorshow once his arrives.

Follow the Heffe House Board on Pinterest.


It’s hard to remember

After spending the past several years immersed in the world of interior design via the internet… its hard to remember that there are terrible vomitous and completely gross options for furniture in the world still. Some actually want to sign up for a 0% APR on a home full of furniture that looks like this.

Is it our job as interior decor enthusiasts to educate the world? We all write and talk here online like we are in the same club. But my question is this…..

How do you (especially those of you that do this for a living) educate your people to refine their tastes?

Since I’m just a hobbyist, I’m probably going to give up on the boys house. I was hoping that since they are dudes they’d be all ears, excited about ideas of vintage schoolhouse, mad professor’s oddities, and industrial chic – which to them was just going to come across as “How RAD would it be to have a cowhide for a rug, or hey check out this crazy old beat up whiskey stained farm table, or YES – a chalkboard is an EXCELLENT idea.”

Let’s talk about it. I’m seriously at a loss. How is it that people think the above is “nice”???


Dudes Progress

Patrick is pretty good at this home decor thing! Yesterday he pulled the trigger on a stenographer’s stand for a side table at $10 from the Jewish Women’s Thrift Council on Santa Monica. We all agreed it suited the theme (more on that later). Once home I was cruising craig and found one very similar for $175, and then I found these pics of some in action! Pretty great right!?

We scouted some curtains and some rods, but didn’t have much luck otherwise in the thrift store furniture area. After several thrift stores and some big box stores we went back to the house and got coat one of the black paint up on the wall. It was looking pretty gray when I left. We will see how that turns out.

Meanwhile, Pat found this perfect farm table that looks like it could maybe use some finishing work, but is otherwise an amazing find at $75.

IT immediately made me hope for THIS for them, at least in the way of some eamesesque chairs and a vintage science class poster.


Dude. Black Brick & Speakerboxx

By Posted on 0

I wanna eat this, multi-textured tile BLACKSPLASH from the Heath Ceramics website. Great. I want my boyfriends to have it. (sans horizontal cabinetry)

The Estate of Things chooses Heath Ceramics

I also want my boyfriends to stack up a bunch of mis-matched vintage stereo speakers and line them up against a wall. I recall a time when Urban Outfitters had speakers all over their stores. I really loved the resulting aesthetic. I was just reminded of this by one of the blogs in my reader that I most love. There’s Something Hiding in Here.

The Estate of Things chooses There's Something hiding in here wall of vintage speakers

Okay, just one more. We’ve talked about chalkboards and chalkboard paint quite a bit here at TEOT. Perhaps we’ve talked about it enough…. after this. Cause, I’m making up fantasies about what my boyfriends’ homes could be like, and I imagine that at least one of them should have a room that is fully painted as a chalkboard (like the boy from 500 Days of Summer). Then I can draw on it in my PJs when I go for sleepovers.

The Estate of Things chooses chalkboard walls