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Rachel Bilson’s Home in Lonny

Sarah and I were having a little texty chat about blending the masculine and the feminine today, when she pointed me to this Lonny feature of Rachel Bilson’s home. I love it when Sarah recommends that I look up a specific design. It’s like getting a music recommendation from KCRW’s Anne Litt, or having the Pope pray for your healing. It just doesn’t get much more spot on.

So, she laid this link on me, and the choir sang, lights all that.

Rachel Bilson in LonnyIt’s that BLUE VELVET couch that I haven’t been able to shut up in my head. She even suggested that I place my parsons table up in the window like that along w/ some lamps, which is a really good idea if we had the space. My room is too narrow for dreams like that.

Oh, and Heffe… look. No window treatments. I wonder if she and her dude (Hayden Christensen) make out on the couch for the neighbors to see?




Get the Look: Bilhuber’s Patio

Jeffrey Bilhuber designed this way cool blue/white/beige patio.

bilhuber patio

If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Bilhuber’s work I recommend you run through his portfolio, prepare to be incredibly inspired and if you’re not…there’s probably not any help for you.

bilhuber patio2

In just a couple of weeks, I’ll hopefully be closing on a house with a screened porch that I plan to enjoy to the fullest. I want it to be comfy and Bilhuber’s design looks just like the setup I’d like because I always put an English roll arm sofa on my covered patio–always.

So let’s get it!

Bilhuber Inspired Screen Porch Design

Ashley Putman in Hey Billie

Come on don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Ashley Putman. She’s the freelance graphic designer from TX that’s had homes featured in Domino, then Lonny and now the fam has a country house in Hey Billie magazine. Seems they fell in love with a dilapidated farmhouse near Round Top, TX.

I like all of the spaces Ashley has created for herself and her family, the mix is so good. And I’ve gushed over her before here and put the previous two featured spaces together. I’m wondering when Ashley will crossover and join the interior design world?

Quick review of Ashley-

First in Domino, AP bedroom

AP office

Then in Lonny,

AP dining rm

AP art

And now she’s gone country in Hey Billie magazine-

AP cover

shiplap kitchen2

shiplap bed2


AP living rm


AP green room


AP bath


AP romp


and my desire to find a white farmhouse grows…


Jenna Lyons in British Vogue

J. Crew hits the UK (really? it took this long) and in celebration British Vogue gives Creative Director Jenna Lyons’ famed Brooklyn home some more air time.

The bonus here is the office.


jennalyonsvogueuk 2






Lyons home was also featured in Living etc. At Habitually Chic you get the full view of the place in architect’s photos and a good comparison of the Domino and Living etc. features.

Basically, you can get your fill of Lyons’ home.

photos by Todd Selby, images via a lovely being


You’re the Bestest

I was telling two of my co-workers (some of the few that will listen to me indulge and ramble on about design) about one of my favorite houses of 2010. Yeah I know its 2011 but these realizations take time, naturally.

In my case my favorite house has a relevant correlation to where I am living at the time. My current house would be very comfortable with it’s interiors decked out with a traditional, casual, modern mix which is some of what my favorite house embodies. And as I told my co-workers I seem to love everything that comes out of Connecticut and the Hamptons lately so you’ll understand why I chose this house as one of my favorites.

Without further a due,

Its Cosima Von Bulow Pavoncelli’s Sagaponak, Long Island vacation home that was featured in the November 2010 issue of Town & Country. It came to exist on my radar after Erika photographed the magazine and posted it on her blog.

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts photo

markham roberts entry Pavoncelli

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts living room

Markham Roberts living room Pavoncelli

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts bedroom

The home was designed by her Brown classmate Markham Roberts, who already held a firm place in my personal top ten. Now its not perfect for me in every way, but there are a lot of things that are spot on for me like the library, dining room, living room and the entry hall. I’ve decided that I need some piece of apple green upholstered furniture and a strong floral in my living room ASAP.

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts library

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts dining room

As dorky as this might be, I ordered the November issue. I’m wondering if the order will drop into a vast abyss of back issue orders?

Update 3/22/12 —  Town & Country returned my little check and I never received the issue. If you ever see it, pay the $.50 at the antique mall and send it to me!