Sarah’s Wishlist 2013

Sarah's wishlist header
Sarah's wishlist
1- Tom Scheerer Decorates One of my favorite designers, I doubt it will disappoint
2- Turntable I actually have a decent record collection and my vintage Bang & Olufsen kicked the bucket
3- Down Pullover Must have to wear on gym days, people run in this thing in -10
4- Perfume I want to get to know Jo Malone fragrances and I want to smell like pomegranate
5- Pencil skirt I need to try a pencil skirt, all of the ladies on House of Cards with the exception of Robin Wright were wearing them.
6- Mirror I can kick start my master bath looking a little better, baby steps.
7 – Robe The robe I’ve been searching for! Cashmere blend.
8 – DV Booties Great affordable and versatile
9- Iphone case I’ve been rolling the dice long enough, venturing out in to the world case-less
10 – Pajamas Washable silk and I’m a sucker for swiss dot

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Betsy’s Wishlist 2013

betsy wishlist header
Betsy Wishlist
Freaking Dress I need a party for this. Too bad my only parties this season are gonna be for the Oncology Ward
Santa Barbara Vino Train I love a quick adventure on rails, adding wine to the destination is that much sweeter. I’ll take the Dome Car please.
SkillShare Gift Certificate There are so many courses available. I’d like to jump in on a few, to learn things from styling my bookshelves to the art of mastering my Sony Nex3.
Fat Knit Infinity Scarf This is always a readily accepted gift in my world, the softer the better….
Cool iPhone Case from Mara Hoffman
Pretty much anything from this store, but particularly the Toto T. Jeff and I love this band, and I know that Sarah would too, since she listens to 70s soft rock playing through her phone all day long in the office and she kills it at the 1990s Songburst game….remember that one?
California Necklace (to go with my North Carolina charm in quartz)
I love me some state pride and my NC charm is my favorite, but now that I’ve officially adopted California as home, I’ll take the charm to rep it too!
Falconiere Hanging Garden Necklace It’s time to be a big girl and really grow a decent jewelry collection. I’ve never really been that into accessorizing, and when I have it’s been with cheapo costumey pieces from Target. I’ll start with this one please. It looks like an indestructible piece to begin with.
9 West Elm Agate Box The emerald green bug finally bit me with this simple piece. I’d like to see it on top of my clean well organized fantasy nightstand. I bet it would pair really interestingly with the deep sea green blue nightstand.
10 Kelly Wearstler 9 Sunglasses I mean, not that I really feel okay about losing a pair of $550 sunglasses, as that is what I’m destined to do…. but they are badass. Okay, fine some RayBan stocking stuffers will do instead, just the classic aviators in gold and with a dark lens please.






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Pass it Down

I decided that I would like to give my oldest daughter DC my dollhouse that my grandfather Craig built for me when I was a kid.

A dollhouse was actually on DC’s list in addition to the hideous hunk of fuchsia plastic the Dream Castle. But I can’t complain because I wanted a Barbie dream house so badly as a child, Kristin you know what I’m talking about here.

After sitting in the my parent’s garage for almost 20 years, whaaatttt! It actually emerged from the depths in great shape. I guess I’d call it a Southern Colonial.

my dollhouse

The tan and brown aren’t exactly happening and it I thought it would be a pretty quick and easy task to give it a paint job. After some consideration I decided that I would paint it the original exterior color scheme for the Indiana project.

Ben Moore’s Iron Mountain and a light blue accent like Wythe Blue,

iron mountain BM

wythe blue BM


Now finding a dollhouse family that is the right size and not creepy looking was a whole other challenge. I opted for this one but I think they will be a little on the big side but I don’t think DC will mind.

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Great Books for the Wishlist

Great art and coffee table books have always been a part of my wishlist. I wanted to share a few with you that are sure to be on mine this holiday season. All found on Amazon but don’t forget about Overstock–they have a great selection too.

1. Classic Africa 2. Clarence House 3. Designing the Hamptons 4. Hamptons Gardens 5. Penguin by Design 6. Peter Pennoyer Architects 7. Mark Rothko 8. Sally Mann Immediate Family 9. Slim Aarons Once Upon A Time 10. The Great American House Gil Schafer 11. Cy Twombley: A Monograph

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Sarah’s Birthday Wishes

I have a running wish list that scrolls along the right side of your screen on the reg in the form of a “wist list” but I thought I’d issue a special list for my 31st birthday, yeah 31–seems about as exciting as 28. Hopefully my loved ones, hi lovies! will elevate the occasion and buy me something (everything) from this list.

So these have been blowin’ up for ages but lets just get the whole collection in one swoop,

penguin classics collection
On One Kings Lane, here

And as a companion this version of the classic, love this

The Great Gatsby hardcover

A custom frame job for my beautiful butterfly print

green butterfly print rockett st george

from here

a striped maxi skirt with elastic for my expanding waistline

patagonia maxi skirt Anthropologie

mama needs a new pair of shoes,
naya samara sandal
you could pimp my living room with these,

vintage suzani pillow cover sukan
sukan silk velvet suzani pillow cover

or this (dreaming),

Fields France 2 Sara MacCulloch
Fields France 2, Sara McCulloch via Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Definitely time for a new bag and I’ve loved these for a while

small longchamp le pliage

here’s a hint-check Ebay for these

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Holiday Gift Ideas

I’m gathering ideas for gifts for my family and friends, December 25th always seems to sneak up on me…I vow to stop the trend.

For my Husband,

Books-I always select some for Dan. He says I have a knack for it and I usually make great picks. I have already made my picks for this year and I can’t reveal them because he’ll read it (which is nice that he reads the blog, thanks sweets).  Here are some he’s received in previous years,

remarkable creatures non fiction Junot Diaz novel let the great world spin novel

gift cornhole game via cornholenation

Corn Hole outdoor game 

gray gingham shirt Gap

gingham shirt

For my little DC,

livie and luca ruche brown toddler shoe

Livie and Lucca, Ruche Brown mary jane

lacing beads Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug lacing beads

cat hat Gap

Cat hat

fisher price record player

Fisher Price record player

cutting fruit Melissa & Doug

cutting fruit, Melissa & Doug

For my Mom,

gift egg caddy anthropologie

Egg Caddy

gift snood jcrew


gift Staub mini cocotte

Staub Mini Cocette

For my Dad,

gift dremel accessory kit

my Dad is getting a Dremel Multi-Max, so we’ll give him some extra attachments to go with it. I was pretty excited when I read about the grout tool, I watched Norm scrape out old grout on This Old House with a rotary tool. When you renovate old houses–this is an exciting prospect.

For my Sister,

gift fingerless gloves jcrew

fingerless gloves

For my Brother,

this is a tough one but last year I bought him a book that he seemed to enjoy about the Dallas Cowboys so continuing on that path…

1001 movies 5th edition  where men win glory

or maybe we’ll go with a flannel shirt,

windowpane plaid shirt Gap

 Windowpane plaid shirt

For Friends,

gift ring dish anthropologie

Ring dish

gift essential new york times cook book

Passengers photog ellemoss

Passengers, ellemoss

Agraria perfume candle

Agraria candles and difusers smell divine but are a little expensive but not to worry great deals can be found on Ebay

For Co-workers,

rain towel patapri

Rain kitchen towel from Patapri

another little something for me,

gift bangles anthropologie

glossed bangles

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Turning 30

I will turn 30 on July 16th. To celebrate this momentous occassion, I think this pairing would make the perfect gift.

A little of this….

Lauren Moffatt Stockholm blouse

 And a little of that…

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible_

Outfit via Lauren Moffatt, vintage Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible

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Wish List

I think I am in love with this…


What the hell is it? Well they are Glow bowls of course. Put airplants or tea lights in them, either way it’s magic. I just found them on Sunset magazine’s website along with a bunch of other fabulous stuff.

It’s a last minute addition Santa, sorry I know you’ll understand.

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Wish List

The can’t go wrong, ever popular, Hable Construction linen pillow x 2, espresso beads on wheat.

Thanks Santa, I knew I could count on you!

hable construction beads pillow

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Wish List

I’ve been eyeballing these for quite some time.  These personalized notes at Story by Mia would be a very sweet gift.

storybymia personalized cards

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Wish List

The wishing continues with these T-handled apothecary jars, need these for the master bath

apothecary jars CS Post

jars at CS Post

So I can get this going on…

bath shelf Stephen Gambrel

Steven Gambrel

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Wish List

I’m a little crazy about loaning my books…ok more than crazy I refuse to do it.  It’s because I’ve done it before and those books were never returned.  I was just looking for a really fantastic book called Wolf Whistle and I have since discovered that I used to own this book.

So maybe a Personal Library Kit  might make me feel a little better about sharing.


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