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Design Projects

TEOT Launches Custom Pillow Collection

We’ve sourced, sewn and styled a whole prolifery of pillows from on-trend vintage global textiles and one by one we’re uploading them to our TEOT SHOP. We are selling them.

What do you think?

We like to call this little girl in the middle Lotty Dotty.



She likes to party.

We have a thing for blue you know. It’s really apparent in all of this wonderful vintage indigo fabric that we scored at the Santa Monica Antiques Market. It’s from Africa, and most of it is from Mali specifically.


If I had to choose my favorite combo, I think I’d lean this way, below.

In fact, I’d be happy if this scene were replicated exactly in my own home. I’ll do my best to recreate it, it’s going to be hard without that rattan bench in my life.


I would take a little dose of Sarah styling all of my accessories too.

I’ll tell you why we are doing this! It’s proof of concept. If we can get some product moving online, we can get a brick and mortar storefront in Southern Pines, NC.

You see that simple correlation too, right?!?


JK JK JK. I know, it’s gonna take more than a few pillows to get the store moving. We’re working on it. We have to crawl before we walk.

One thing I learned is that styling these few vignettes with Sarah, and shooting them – well it was just about the most fun that I’ve had “working” in a really long time. It made me feel like this is EXACTLY what I want to be doing. I only regret that there are 3000 miles between Sarah and myself – so we can’t do that daily.



Buy some incredibly fairly priced pillows from The Estate of Things Pillow Collection, and make our dreams comes true!

Right now, we just want to prove to ourselves that we can make something happen!



This or That: Which West Elm Bed?

It’s Friday, or as the Instagrams like to say lately, FriYay!

I’m not sure how I feel about that (the Friyay thing). What about y’all?

Here’s another serious question that I’m pondering.



It’s time to start thinking about a new bed. Aesthetically, I’m 95% sure I want a simple, clean, and rather plain, low profile, upholstered option. I’m even leaning towards a neutral, which is uncharacteristic, so I assume that it means I’m a grown up now.

Turns out though, I am a grown evolving mess of a lady that seeks constant change and malleable surroundings.
My big idea is that I can drape or tuck the textile of my most recent fascination over this style with the kind of commitment I favor…


There is so much more that will need to be considered as I start contemplating wants and needs for a new bedroom style, but my feeling is that this is a good direction. I just need to weigh the pros and cons of the low profile versus the height, and the footboard versus the platform. The dude and I like a low profile much more than a tall stuffy formal arrangement, but scale is something to consider, since our soon-to-be-bedroom has some ceiling height to consider.

Anywhatever, I’m sure you don’t care about all that. I wouldn’t if I were you.

But what do you have to say about the beds? Any ideas? Any experience with West Elm furniture that should make me reconsider? Am I totally up your alley because I’m assuming that I can just toss a mudcloth over one of these one day and suzani the next without ever feeling trapped into one style?


House Hunting: Don’t Jinx It

storybook front entry

I’ve gone a little silent on the House Hunting front for a bit. I think that the dude wants me to keep quiet about it, in case something terrible happens, but WE ARE IN ESCROW.

My fantasy home with the blue window panes is our home!

Holy crap, I can’t believe it. I will be sure to do some storytelling as we get settled, but this is where we ended up! We’re pushing paper and giving the homeowners time to get packed up and moved out!

It’s so close that I can taste it.

gate and birds of paradise

perfectly framed bonus space in kitchen


love the blue windows

living room silver spring


UPDATE: This House Hunt DONE Y’all.


My Tie-Dye Sofa!


Do you folks recall a time that I was pondering the notion of a tie-dye sofa?

I talked myself in and back out of the idea right there in that old post, knowing that a navy blue heirloom sofa is something that I’m interested in for the long term, but I have to admit y’all, I’m a sucker for a trend and since that post – I can’t get enough of anything that is vaguely reminiscent of acid wash, oxidized metal, rorschach, tie-day, the heavens… I even went so far as to inquire with you guys on sponge-painting.

This is what that all looks like:

Nicely_appointed_and_super_delicious._I_just_had_the_most_yummy_poke_and_killer_matcha_popcorn_here._Can_t_wait_to_eat_here_again. inspired-by-the-heavens-by-the-estate-of-things More_hippie_vibe_ideas_from_my_jaunt_around_the_Malibu_country_mart._Color_bombed_rattan_with_a_bleachy_denim_seat_cover_and_a_kilim_pillow.__intoit making a comeback sponge painted walls think about it the estate of things The_goods_from_my_recent_pottery_endeavors_are_starting_to_stack_up___  oxidized-copper-by-the-estate-of-things

So, I did it. I had my couch tie-dyed.

Well, mineral-washed to be exact. I wrestled my Ikea Karlstad slipcover off (this was not fun) and I took it down to my new best buddy, Kevin at Brother’s Dye House and he did the deed.



I sat around chatting dye finishes with him, from crystal washes to mineral washes. We zeroed in on Pantone’s majolica blue and a mineral wash. Admittedly, when I left the warehouse district I envisioned something a bit less bold and audacious as what I picked up – but as soon as I saw it,  I felt a thrill.

My new sofa was going to look rad indeed. The best part is that Heffe loves it too. This is the couch that never gives up and now that she’s gained a new lease on life, I’m more happy than ever with my Ikea Karlstad purchase.



If you want to explore giving your own sofa slipcover a new life by having it dyed, contact Kevin. He will make it really easy for you.  This is not sponsored. I’m just emphatic that anyone who wants to explore dye get up with this dude! He’s the best!


A Style Evolution



This is my home. We’ve embraced the boho vibe.

Some of you out there, like me, are riding the wave of this recent swell in hippie home decor. Call it boho or bohemian if you prefer.  Either way, it has taken its place in my heart in a way that makes more sense to my soul.

I dig it much more than some of the other styles out there. I’m looking at you guys SoCal Coastal Chic, Southern Traditional, and Industrial Loft.

I have kept a “Fantasy Living” as well as a “My Style” board on Pinterest since I started using the service. These are each fantastic places to bookmark the images of interiors that I feel resonate on a personal level.

I love to go back to these as time passes. Of course, style, in its essence, is constantly evolving. It’s so nice to have a reference point through which to analyze consistency versus influence over time.

With this practice, you may learn that you are mostly influenced in your tastes by trend, maybe this hippie thing is a trend and you are into hanging textile art and vintage hmong pattern for the moment alone! Or perhaps you have evolved by circumstance, maybe you’ve moved to a new part of the country and the influence of the new surroundings have changed your look at home. Maybe you are a gigantic sponge and you like a bit of everything (like me) or perhaps you are quite regimented in your aesthetic and you always manage to dig consistently into a look that is your signature style.

These are fun things to think about. Now here are some fun images to look at!

I like to think of this collection as an expression of my recent interest in fancy hippies! A touch of glam, some dark moody palettes and plenty of textures sets the vibe. Y’all dig? What are you into lately?


7 Go To Design Picks

There are design elements and furnishings that I return to time and again. Chances are pretty good that you have one or more of these things in your house because some are standbys and others are part of a group of neo-classics and will work in a whole host of different interiors.

Classic Elements

Ceramic Gourd Lamps – If you’re looking for a table lamp, you’ve likely considered some iteration of a ceramic gourd lamp and for good reason, they’ll work virtually any where. You can find them at almost any price point.

Seagrass RugDurable, natural, ready for layering and full of texture…what more do you want in a rug

English Roll Arm SofaUnlike diamonds which aren’t actually forever, your English roll arm sofa is. Don’t ever get rid of it just keep getting reupholstered when it starts to look rough.

Industrial Faucet -I love the bridge faucets as much as the next person but there’s something about the ease of use of the pull-down faucet.

Woven/Bamboo ShadesAffordable and always warm and neutral when layered with linen drapes. Woven shades have a casual vibe but they can also get as traditional and buttoned up as you want them to.

White Gallery FramesWhere do you look these days where you don’t see a gallery wall? Family photographs, personal mementos, great art, it doesn’t matter do it with gallery frames.

Modern/Rustic Coffee TableA great example of a neo-classic, the rustic wood top paired with the straight and square lines of a metal base is pervading all interiors.