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A Little Hippie Den Makeover

by Betsy Moyer on November 5, 2014, 3 comments

Hippie Den Makeover Before and After

This past week I took a quick trip to Fort Collins to visit with my brother and his wife and their sweet gaggle of children, Avery, Madeline & Ezri. They’ve recently moved from Los Angeles and are still making their new house a home. The split level ranch style represents an interesting challenge for a work-from-home momma that splits her time chasing a wild 2.5 year old plus a 8 month old oral explorer on the cusp of walking. The main floor features the most lived-in/baby proofed kitchen and living room combo, but we needed to carve out a more aesthetically pleasing family friendly solution in the forgotten downstairs den where the homies can all stack up and watch movies by the fireplace. Here is a look at the space before.

The family has amassed a fair suite of seating options for next to nothing from sites like craigslist as well as some serendipitous curb finds. I know as design bloggers we like to talk about dropping 44.5 gabillion budgets on a room redo, but the reality for most of us, is that a room might need to come together with more frugality than that. They had pretty much all they needed, so we approached this room with the idea to simply apply a plan to what they had. After a quick cruise at the local thrift store for just a few missing pieces, e.g. the pillows and a rug and a dig through a stack of textiles downstairs, we were able to pull together this little cozy hippie den.

I love how we ended up with something that felt like it speaks to the personality of the family and suits their needs as a second living area. What was once a careless den is now it’s own little slice of heaven for a nap by the fire or movie nights. My next suggestion for their collection might be a few floor poufs for the nights that their 8 year old son has a friend over for video games, and some hanging plants in the window to polish off that modern bohemian jungalow vibe.


A Kitchen Faucet Roundup

by Sarah on September 12, 2014, 2 comments

I recently embarked on a faucet finding mission for my Atlanta clients. I explored all of the usual sources but learned about some new ones and unlocked the mystery of the source of that tall faucet with the long spray attachment pictured in these beautiful kitchens.

metal mcdonald redo

metal commercial faucet

And here’s the roundup,

faucet roundup

1 Waterstone Gantry 2 Waterstone Towson 3 Waterstone Pulldown 4 Waterworks Julia 5 Rocky Mountain Hardware 6 Whitehaus Vintage III 7 Waterworks Easton

The matte brass finish on the Rocky Mountain faucet (#5) looks really exceptional but my favorite find was the Waterstone pulldown, here it is in action,

faucet waterstone in action

Salt Lake Magazine


Considering a Kilim Covered Custom Sofa

by Betsy Moyer on July 17, 2014, no comments

So, I lost the Topanga Mountain Getaway of my dreams, but that hasn’t slowed me down from decorating it in my head after all. I was trying to envision the perfect sofa for that space. When all of this just suddenly developed within me.

Last night watching Orphan Black, the bohemian style of Sarah Manning’s foster home made me wanty. It’s a warm cozy space that really does make you feel like you are home… it’s your mom’s or maybe even your grandma’s place. It’s inviting, your childhood collection of journals are upstairs in the attic ready for your trip down memory lane, and there is some sweet mint tea and buttermilk biscuits already out on the counter waiting for you. You can see yourself disrupt the dust in the air as you pass through the sunshine that pours through the old sheer curtains.

You fall onto the traditional sofa and think to yourself about how chic it would look in a modern context. You start re-upholstering it in your head, and then placing into your fantasy Topanga Canyon Cabin. It looks something like this.

Custom Sofa Dreaming Kilim Covered Couch The Estate of ThingsWilloughby Sofa from Anthropologie  I  Oscar Sofa from SCP in the UK  I  Thomas Sofa by Jaxon Home
No source on that Kilim Covered ditty, so I’m thinkin custom.

So, now I must have. It’s just the perfect vibe for my getaway dreams. One of the many reasons why I have fallen for Topanga so hard, is because it reminds me so much of North Carolina, my home. So, a cozy cabiny living room with warm wooden tones and a kilim covered couch speaks perfectly to my deep desires while paying homage to the legacy of Topanga hippie culture. This is the sofa shape that I have my eye on.

Wonder if the dude would shake his head or if he’d be into it?

UPDATE: The dude just hit me up with a still from Orphan Black. There is the sofa that inspired me! <3 <3 <3

orphan-black1 kilim covered sofa


Behind the Scenes – Design Milk Designer Daily for Victoria of Jaxon Home

by Betsy Moyer on May 6, 2014, no comments

A Day in the Life of Victoria Richter Design Milk

Waaaaaaay back in December I had the pleasure of hanging with Victoria of Jaxon Home for the day, and voyeuristically observing as I captured it all on film for a Design Milk feature that launched today! So I geared up with my Google Glass and Sony Nex3 and headed over to her home at an hour of day that usually doesn’t see me out of a bed if even out of a robe, desperately clutching coffee. She was already way into go mode. We laugh now, because we were new friends and it was my first time to her house, and I was greeted at the door with an escaping puppy. It was such a fun start to crazy day.

Admittedly, Victoria’s day was WAY more inspiring than my meager photography skills could really capture. It was such an cool experience for me to visit with her clients and see all of her design projects in progress. She is servicing a range of beautiful homes from mid-century modern, to industrial loft to turn of the century traditional craftsman. By following at her stylish leather patched blazer coattails – I learned that this soon-to-be-partner slash designer/mom/retailer/factory owner is about as cool as they come. She handled a super busy day and a pretty eclectic collection of clients with a grace that I seldom encounter in real life human beings. Patience, humor, wit and beauty. I strive to be so calm and collected. There is definitely a zen quality about her approach, despite the fray of a busy life with tons of expectations.

So, I know I’m fan-girling hardcore, but its genuine and as much as I wish I could have done her justice for this Design-Milk piece… the photos just don’t. My favorite didn’t even make the cut – but here is a look at a LOVELY vintage light fixture in the traditional beach house with a blurry peek at Victoria, measuring tape in hand. You can see the full story here.