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Merging Dude Decor with Feminine Flourish

by Betsy Moyer on March 1, 2012, one comment

I stumbled upon this image when searching for examples of grey couches for the Heffe House Pinterest Board. I wasn’t giving it much thought beyond a couch color to show Heffe, until later – I looked deeper into what was going on here, and I realized that THIS is the perfect marriage of Dude Decor with Feminine Flourish.

If you remove the factory table and the funny green industrial lamp in the back left, and replace the irreverent artwork with a pinkish abstract – you’d have a pretty girly room – despite the clean lines of that tufted sectional. Just take stock of the patterns there. Suzani. Floral. and then there’s that wool blanket in plaid.

Just for Sarah’s benefit – I wanted her to know that I recognize the alium from the domestic efforts of our college days…. We called hers Beaker, and he was beautiful.

Lastly, they do need to replace that ceiling fixture. So what do you think it needs? A glammy chandelier? That industrial Conran Phane pendant that we love??  I was thinking a big linen drum shade could keep it teetering the line between the line of one gender over another. Pick your poison from the Conran USA options. I want to know what you’d put in there?



** NOTE: I’d love to see the rest of this home. That image that I found on Pinterest was sourced from a category page on Design Sponge, but I could only dig in that site for so long. Your knowledge – should you recognize this image, is much appreciated!




Mi Favorito

by Sarah on October 17, 2011, 3 comments

Good Morning, lets jump in to some eye candy to brighten Monday.

There is something about this entry that is just so damn fresh to me. I think its the combination of pink, the stone on the floor and the horizontal paneling.

wallpapered entry

an office in a dormer…because you gotta use every bit of space

dormer office

big country kitchen,

Jackie Lanham huge country kitchen

Jackie Lanham

blue + white ceramics, LOVE  them

blue & white ceramics

this kitchen thumbs it nose at your kitchen or probably most kitchens you could dream up

Peter Pennoyer architects kitchen

Peter Pennoyer

It’s the collected look that I love here,

living room C magazine

The beginnings of some of Amber’s work. Might I just say that I dig Amba’ and her blog. Amber you better show me the rest of this house when you’re done and I mean all the dirty details or I might just read your blog every other day–that’ll teach you. PS- Dan and I MIGHT be getting a new front entry this winter and I like this simple entry door.

amber interiors entry door

would you do this? Maybe I would if the fireplace were in the office or library, mine is…hmmmm

pink snapshots on mantel

Probably one of the best carports on the planet,

car port

well played…

art wall great styling

another grey bath vanity, these things are calling to me

charcoal gray vanity cabinet bath

Yes you absolutely need to let natural light in to that separate shower.

window in shower Smith & Vansant architects

Smith & Vansant

Campaign even in the bathroom

campaign vanity bath

Most of these images were found on Pinterest unless otherwise noted because thats where I live now. Its relaxing to live in a constant design daydream.


Jenna Lyons in British Vogue

by Sarah on September 8, 2011, one comment

J. Crew hits the UK (really? it took this long) and in celebration British Vogue gives Creative Director Jenna Lyons’ famed Brooklyn home some more air time.

The bonus here is the office.


jennalyonsvogueuk 2






Lyons home was also featured in Living etc. At Habitually Chic you get the full view of the place in architect’s photos and a good comparison of the Domino and Living etc. features.

Basically, you can get your fill of Lyons’ home.

photos by Todd Selby, images via a lovely being


Mi Favorito

by Sarah on July 11, 2011, 2 comments

Over the weekend I was sitting quietly staring off at our house, next to my daughter DC as my husband was pushing her on the swing. She looked over and asked me what I was thinking about and my husband quickly answered “design”. Although I wanted to deny it I couldn’t…I was thinking about what my house could become and in what ways I could mold and shape it.

Some images that I’ve collected recently from around the internet that inspire me,

blue dutch door

via Honey + Fitz

chevron painted floor galley kitchen

via pink wallpaper

I am going to install this coat rack in my kitchen but on a smaller scale, I’m going to convince my Dad and Dan to build it! But first Dan and I have to get rid of the wallpaper and honestly its gonna be a while–sad face

entry coat hooks

Wicked vanity and if you’re not sure about the contrasting black, picture it all white or charcoal grey or any color your heart desires.

Blumenfeld Interiors asian bath vanity

Blumenfeld Interiors

Focusing on the rustic hood in contrast to the modern elements in this kitchen,

ken linsteadt kitchen wooden rustic hood

Ken Linsteadt

Sometimes I daydream about closets and random antique bowls organizing all my trinkets,

dishes hold jewelry closet

I like that they turned the shower on for the photograph,

phoebe howard shower

Phoebe Howard

white and grey kitchen dutch door

because you’re an avid reader…or not either way its good

libary in bedroom

Considering the whole picture ledge, DIY gutter bookshelf thing for books in the nursery instead of the expedit,

boys room via grace happens

via Grace Happens

this is an oldie but goodie, I just love looking at vignettes, I think this is an old Domino image

Melanie Acevedo photog coffee table vignette

Melanie Acevedo