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Homepolish: Let’s Get It Started In Here

by Betsy Moyer on April 19, 2014, no comments

Matt Merrell from HomePolish came over to get started on our design project at the Heffe House. I highly recommend having an interior designer over to your hizzy to talk about your style. It feels like we are really going to be able to get at the problem areas that I’ve been waffling over for years. Also, I love his sophisticated rustic approach. I’m really excited about our time together tackling the dude decor issues in our cute little ranchalow that we live in here in Santa Monica.

Here’s is a peek into Matt’s work in his own home, a cottage in Laurel Canyon. Isn’t this all so lovely?

For a more involved scoop, please pop over to Orlanda Soria’s blog. He has the best editorial accompaniment. I love the way that man writes.

Is there any chance, that when Matt is done with my home, it will have this kind of appeal? I do truly dig the comfortable sophistication of his space, even though he says he’s over it and ready to start over! The mix of texture is right up my alley. I’m really loving the Homepolish Interior Design experience thus far. I highly recommend it.

Here is Matt at work in my living room.


I asked him if it would be okay to take his picture and he complied. He’s used to having his photo made, because he is a former model. Srsly!

We have a few projects ahead of us that are very exciting, some painting, some styling and even some building. He’s got a vision and I can’t wait to see it come together. We decided on Benjamin Moore Silhouette for the mantle. He will be mocking up some doors for the front of the built ins and we’ll select a radiator screen for the front doors.

The dude has some plans of his own for a surround sound speaker system and we’ll put that other tv up on the wall with a wall mount so that football parties may commence with a little less cordage in my grill. Boyz will be boyz.

Matt invited me to join him for a flea market shopping trip soon to hunt down some storage and styling options. This is my collage version of what is on our list, but I’ll be SURE to let him lead the way.

Heffe House Living Room Vintage Finds

We also be tackling the bookshelves. Here is what they look like pre-Matt of Homepolish. I’m excited to see what we come up with!



by Betsy Moyer on February 6, 2014, no comments

Heffe House bedroom dreamy
Life can be cruel, cruel, cruel, and when it is – it’s nice to have one gabillion thread count sheets of white to crawl into… and even better is a loved one to cuddle up with and hold until the cruel time passes – and it will.



Styling Shelves at the Heffe House

by Betsy Moyer on February 4, 2014, no comments

It’s no secret that the Heffe House built-ins are a disaster, and never have I ever been good at styling and accessorizing.

My first task, which was positioned to me by my designer friend Matt, was to pick out some inspiration images. After I pick a few and study them for a bit, he will come over and we will pull everything off of my shelves, and then using what we’ve learned from my inspiration images – we’ll place things back in some beautiful fashion.

Meanwhile, I’m having trouble even picking out the inspiration images. Here’s what I’ve gathered thus far. Looks like I’m more interested in books than tchotkes… but I have a lot of tchotke to factor into the project.

Would love your suggestions.


The Estate of Things Erica-Tanov-home-kelly-ishikawa-anthology-magazine

Lili Diallo via Domino


Introduction to the New Heffe House Do-Over

by Betsy Moyer on January 29, 2014, 3 comments

Four years of paying rent to someone else constitutes the right to paint the walls and change out some light fixtures, yeah?

Heffe just signed on for a second two year lease on his house, so that is what I want to do, from painting the walls to finally swapping out that old medieval light fixture in the dining room with something more suitable to our style. Something more like one of these West Elm Bentwood babies.

West Elm Bentwood Pendant

For the rest of the home… I’m gonna get me some professional help this time!

I contacted HomePolish, a new startup that aims to make interior design more accessible by pairing up people’s budgets and needs with a specific designer. My designer, Matt Merrell came by last week for an initial walk through. I was pretty stoked to have someone with experience come in and validate my efforts, while picking up the pieces and making sense of them all. We created a pretty hefty To Do List that includes several actionable items that I know will make a huge difference immediately. I do hope we will get started soon! This is 100% up to me getting us going! I wish this didn’t have to take a back seat to the rest of life’s demands!

Nonetheless, I’m keeping myself motivated. I have some before photos to share here. These pictures do not represent a final product that I’m proud of, but we’re keeping it real here. So, this is my starting place. There are three areas that need to be improved upon for this blogging business to really do a home’s interior design justice. The overall design, the interior styling, and the photography! I’m looking to improve in all three of those areas.

Got any ideas before we get started? Let’s roll it!


Heffe House TV Media Craze

Betsy Moyer Den The Estate of Things

Heffe House Bed

More Heffe House on Instagram




Life is Looking Like…

by Betsy Moyer on January 24, 2014, 2 comments

I need to purge some rando files from my desktop — and step away. Starting with these self portraits. I was vogueing in the den all by myself. I wanted a clean and crisp portrait for my social profiles and I’m learning my new camera. The dude walked in at one point and I tried to pretend that I wasn’t indulging in my own image. Does anyone else have a complicated relationship with the selfie?


This popped up for FREE on Craigslist. My friend Patrick hit me up to ask me about my experience with re-upholstery. I got so excited for him to own this piece of furniture. He said he’d found it within one hour of it’s post time stamp, but someone else got it. Dang. I was hoping it’d be the before shot for a really fun project!

Patricks Craig Score Before and After

I grabbed some coordinating blue and white fabric to match my existing pillow efforts. This could be our future. I forgot to add the vintage indigo batik hmong pillow that I recently sewed up, but it fits nicely.

Blue and White Pillows

This coordinating pillow effort was also a result of the fact that Sarah wants me to chill out with all the color I have going on and establish some order. She’s not wrong, but you know it’s hard for me as a color lover… I’ve always loved a haphazard mess of happy jewel tones. I don’t hear anyone calling me the master of the mix though — so I’m hanging it up and seeking professional help.

Get To Know HomePolish

It’s for realdo. I sought the sage advice of a professional that gets PAID for interior design. More to come, once I can catch my breath and really think about how my in home consultation went! I definitely LOVED my designer dude Matt Merrell, and I’m afraid I didn’t let him talk enough, so now I need to bone up some mo’ cash for more of his time.

Additionally, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been doing some work with Jaxon Home, and it’s been realllly fun. Some days it looks something like this… That is Patterson literally combing the fabric for it’s pristine product shot. Intrigued!? I’m slinging sofas now. GO SHOP!  Behind the Scenes at Jaxon Home