This or That: Which West Elm Bed?

It’s Friday, or as the Instagrams like to say lately, FriYay!

I’m not sure how I feel about that (the Friyay thing). What about y’all?

Here’s another serious question that I’m pondering.



It’s time to start thinking about a new bed. Aesthetically, I’m 95% sure I want a simple, clean, and rather plain, low profile, upholstered option. I’m even leaning towards a neutral, which is uncharacteristic, so I assume that it means I’m a grown up now.

Turns out though, I am a grown evolving mess of a lady that seeks constant change and malleable surroundings.
My big idea is that I can drape or tuck the textile of my most recent fascination over this style with the kind of commitment I favor…


There is so much more that will need to be considered as I start contemplating wants and needs for a new bedroom style, but my feeling is that this is a good direction. I just need to weigh the pros and cons of the low profile versus the height, and the footboard versus the platform. The dude and I like a low profile much more than a tall stuffy formal arrangement, but scale is something to consider, since our soon-to-be-bedroom has some ceiling height to consider.

Anywhatever, I’m sure you don’t care about all that. I wouldn’t if I were you.

But what do you have to say about the beds? Any ideas? Any experience with West Elm furniture that should make me reconsider? Am I totally up your alley because I’m assuming that I can just toss a mudcloth over one of these one day and suzani the next without ever feeling trapped into one style?

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My Tie-Dye Sofa!


Do you folks recall a time that I was pondering the notion of a tie-dye sofa?

I talked myself in and back out of the idea right there in that old post, knowing that a navy blue heirloom sofa is something that I’m interested in for the long term, but I have to admit y’all, I’m a sucker for a trend and since that post – I can’t get enough of anything that is vaguely reminiscent of acid wash, oxidized metal, rorschach, tie-day, the heavens… I even went so far as to inquire with you guys on sponge-painting.

This is what that all looks like:

Nicely_appointed_and_super_delicious._I_just_had_the_most_yummy_poke_and_killer_matcha_popcorn_here._Can_t_wait_to_eat_here_again. inspired-by-the-heavens-by-the-estate-of-things More_hippie_vibe_ideas_from_my_jaunt_around_the_Malibu_country_mart._Color_bombed_rattan_with_a_bleachy_denim_seat_cover_and_a_kilim_pillow.__intoit making a comeback sponge painted walls think about it the estate of things The_goods_from_my_recent_pottery_endeavors_are_starting_to_stack_up___  oxidized-copper-by-the-estate-of-things

So, I did it. I had my couch tie-dyed.

Well, mineral-washed to be exact. I wrestled my Ikea Karlstad slipcover off (this was not fun) and I took it down to my new best buddy, Kevin at Brother’s Dye House and he did the deed.



I sat around chatting dye finishes with him, from crystal washes to mineral washes. We zeroed in on Pantone’s majolica blue and a mineral wash. Admittedly, when I left the warehouse district I envisioned something a bit less bold and audacious as what I picked up – but as soon as I saw it,  I felt a thrill.

My new sofa was going to look rad indeed. The best part is that Heffe loves it too. This is the couch that never gives up and now that she’s gained a new lease on life, I’m more happy than ever with my Ikea Karlstad purchase.



If you want to explore giving your own sofa slipcover a new life by having it dyed, contact Kevin. He will make it really easy for you.  This is not sponsored. I’m just emphatic that anyone who wants to explore dye get up with this dude! He’s the best!

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A Style Evolution



This is my home. We’ve embraced the boho vibe.

Some of you out there, like me, are riding the wave of this recent swell in hippie home decor. Call it boho or bohemian if you prefer.  Either way, it has taken its place in my heart in a way that makes more sense to my soul.

I dig it much more than some of the other styles out there. I’m looking at you guys SoCal Coastal Chic, Southern Traditional, and Industrial Loft.

I have kept a “Fantasy Living” as well as a “My Style” board on Pinterest since I started using the service. These are each fantastic places to bookmark the images of interiors that I feel resonate on a personal level.

I love to go back to these as time passes. Of course, style, in its essence, is constantly evolving. It’s so nice to have a reference point through which to analyze consistency versus influence over time.

With this practice, you may learn that you are mostly influenced in your tastes by trend, maybe this hippie thing is a trend and you are into hanging textile art and vintage hmong pattern for the moment alone! Or perhaps you have evolved by circumstance, maybe you’ve moved to a new part of the country and the influence of the new surroundings have changed your look at home. Maybe you are a gigantic sponge and you like a bit of everything (like me) or perhaps you are quite regimented in your aesthetic and you always manage to dig consistently into a look that is your signature style.

These are fun things to think about. Now here are some fun images to look at!

I like to think of this collection as an expression of my recent interest in fancy hippies! A touch of glam, some dark moody palettes and plenty of textures sets the vibe. Y’all dig? What are you into lately?

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HeffeHouse: Yellow Kitchen Update

Betsy Kitchen Open Shelf This to That The Estate of Things

The entirety of my life here at the HeffeHouse, I’ve assumed the 50s yellow kitchen with its 90s glass tile backsplash update was a lost cause. But then suddenly, some effort appeared out of nowhere.

I count Sarah’s insights into kitchen updates, open shelving, must have accessories and the *hopefully impending move among my inspirations for this sudden bout of energy to make the unbearable, somewhat cute.




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HeffeHouse Coffee Table Solution

It’s done finally! We DIY’ed it.

DIY Coffee Table The Estate of Things 2

You may recall that Sarah did me a solid and helped to point me in the right direction. We knew that we needed something a bit more airy than the previous chunk of veneer that was in the room. Heffe and I agreed that our favorites were IN ORER, 1, 5 and 9.

Betsy's Coffee Table

We loved 9. So, with it as inspiration, we set out to design and build our own. I got it into my head that I wanted a worn weathered look, but short of finding the perfect amount of 2x2s in the wild, or burying them out in some sunny backyard for 23 years I was going to have fake it. We picked out the woods and the dude made me do all of the hard work like routing and sanding. (It was actually a really easy job.)

DIY Coffee Table The Estate of Things

I used a weathered oak stain made by MinWax, but only after taking a nod from the awesomest show Salvage Dogs and first torching it. That part was wicked fun. We picked out a little plumber’s torch, Heffe nerded over all of the options, and finally decided upon a little propane fueled flame thrower that would do the job just fine. It was $25 and it’s a pyromaniac’s dream come true. We will not let the little boy of the household anywhere near it.

DIY Coffee Table The Estate of Things 3

While we intended to build a top too, but I fell in love with the glass top so that we can look down into our table and enjoy our torch job! I was so pleased that after we set it up in the living room, we took a walk to the grocery store and I suggested to Heffe that we bring it with us… cause I wasn’t done simply staring at it. That, my friends, is the weird karmic power of accomplishment that DIY induces. It’s practically euphoric.

Follow along with #HeffeHouse journey via Instagram:



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Homepolish: Let’s Get It Started In Here

Matt Merrell from HomePolish came over to get started on our design project at the Heffe House. I highly recommend having an interior designer over to your hizzy to talk about your style. It feels like we are really going to be able to get at the problem areas that I’ve been waffling over for years. Also, I love his sophisticated rustic approach. I’m really excited about our time together tackling the dude decor issues in our cute little ranchalow that we live in here in Santa Monica.

Here’s is a peek into Matt’s work in his own home, a cottage in Laurel Canyon. Isn’t this all so lovely?

For a more involved scoop, please pop over to Orlanda Soria’s blog. He has the best editorial accompaniment. I love the way that man writes.

Is there any chance, that when Matt is done with my home, it will have this kind of appeal? I do truly dig the comfortable sophistication of his space, even though he says he’s over it and ready to start over! The mix of texture is right up my alley. I’m really loving the Homepolish Interior Design experience thus far. I highly recommend it.

Here is Matt at work in my living room.


I asked him if it would be okay to take his picture and he complied. He’s used to having his photo made, because he is a former model. Srsly!

We have a few projects ahead of us that are very exciting, some painting, some styling and even some building. He’s got a vision and I can’t wait to see it come together. We decided on Benjamin Moore Silhouette for the mantle. He will be mocking up some doors for the front of the built ins and we’ll select a radiator screen for the front doors.

The dude has some plans of his own for a surround sound speaker system and we’ll put that other tv up on the wall with a wall mount so that football parties may commence with a little less cordage in my grill. Boyz will be boyz.

Matt invited me to join him for a flea market shopping trip soon to hunt down some storage and styling options. This is my collage version of what is on our list, but I’ll be SURE to let him lead the way.

Heffe House Living Room Vintage Finds

We also be tackling the bookshelves. Here is what they look like pre-Matt of Homepolish. I’m excited to see what we come up with!

*Note: This is not a sponsored post since we rarely, if ever do that kind of thing here on TEOT. We don’t blog for a paycheck – so any endorsement is a legitimate one. I paid for the services provided by HomePolish!

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Heffe House bedroom dreamy
Life can be cruel, cruel, cruel, and when it is – it’s nice to have one gabillion thread count sheets of white to crawl into… and even better is a loved one to cuddle up with and hold until the cruel time passes – and it will.


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Styling Shelves at the Heffe House

It’s no secret that the Heffe House built-ins are a disaster, and never have I ever been good at styling and accessorizing.

My first task, which was positioned to me by my designer friend Matt, was to pick out some inspiration images. After I pick a few and study them for a bit, he will come over and we will pull everything off of my shelves, and then using what we’ve learned from my inspiration images – we’ll place things back in some beautiful fashion.

Meanwhile, I’m having trouble even picking out the inspiration images. Here’s what I’ve gathered thus far. Looks like I’m more interested in books than tchotkes… but I have a lot of tchotke to factor into the project.

Would love your suggestions.


The Estate of Things Erica-Tanov-home-kelly-ishikawa-anthology-magazine

Lili Diallo via Domino

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Introduction to the New Heffe House Do-Over

Four years of paying rent to someone else constitutes the right to paint the walls and change out some light fixtures, yeah?

Heffe just signed on for a second two year lease on his house, so that is what I want to do, from painting the walls to finally swapping out that old medieval light fixture in the dining room with something more suitable to our style. Something more like one of these West Elm Bentwood babies.

West Elm Bentwood Pendant

For the rest of the home… I’m gonna get me some professional help this time!

I contacted HomePolish, a new startup that aims to make interior design more accessible by pairing up people’s budgets and needs with a specific designer. My designer, Matt Merrell came by last week for an initial walk through. I was pretty stoked to have someone with experience come in and validate my efforts, while picking up the pieces and making sense of them all. We created a pretty hefty To Do List that includes several actionable items that I know will make a huge difference immediately. I do hope we will get started soon! This is 100% up to me getting us going! I wish this didn’t have to take a back seat to the rest of life’s demands!

Nonetheless, I’m keeping myself motivated. I have some before photos to share here. These pictures do not represent a final product that I’m proud of, but we’re keeping it real here. So, this is my starting place. There are three areas that need to be improved upon for this blogging business to really do a home’s interior design justice. The overall design, the interior styling, and the photography! I’m looking to improve in all three of those areas.

Got any ideas before we get started? Let’s roll it!

More Heffe House on Instagram



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Life is Looking Like…

I need to purge some rando files from my desktop — and step away. Starting with these self portraits. I was vogueing in the den all by myself. I wanted a clean and crisp portrait for my social profiles and I’m learning my new camera. The dude walked in at one point and I tried to pretend that I wasn’t indulging in my own image. Does anyone else have a complicated relationship with the selfie?


This popped up for FREE on Craigslist. My friend Patrick hit me up to ask me about my experience with re-upholstery. I got so excited for him to own this piece of furniture. He said he’d found it within one hour of it’s post time stamp, but someone else got it. Dang. I was hoping it’d be the before shot for a really fun project!

Patricks Craig Score Before and After

I grabbed some coordinating blue and white fabric to match my existing pillow efforts. This could be our future. I forgot to add the vintage indigo batik hmong pillow that I recently sewed up, but it fits nicely.

Blue and White Pillows

This coordinating pillow effort was also a result of the fact that Sarah wants me to chill out with all the color I have going on and establish some order. She’s not wrong, but you know it’s hard for me as a color lover… I’ve always loved a haphazard mess of happy jewel tones. I don’t hear anyone calling me the master of the mix though — so I’m hanging it up and seeking professional help.

Get To Know HomePolish

It’s for realdo. I sought the sage advice of a professional that gets PAID for interior design. More to come, once I can catch my breath and really think about how my in home consultation went! I definitely LOVED my designer dude Matt Merrell, and I’m afraid I didn’t let him talk enough, so now I need to bone up some mo’ cash for more of his time.

Additionally, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been doing some work with Jaxon Home, and it’s been realllly fun. Some days it looks something like this… That is Patterson literally combing the fabric for it’s pristine product shot. Intrigued!? I’m slinging sofas now. GO SHOP!  Behind the Scenes at Jaxon Home



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What y’all doing? I’ve been doing this over at Skillshare with Justina Blakeney’s Interior Styling course. There is assigned homework, so of course I’m procrastinating and pretending like I can’t skip on to the next session until I complete the assignment for the first.


But, I did step into the den the other day with my camera and these pics are the result. I’m wondering if I need to be seriously considering painting all of the walls in the home a crisp bright white – 100% for the effect that it will have on these kind of photography efforts. Please weigh in.

In other news, I have an exciting project coming up on Thursday for my new client that I’ve been talking about lately, Jaxon Home. We’ll be setting up 3 various room designs and my new friend Marcia Prentice will be coming over to shoot the work! I’m so excited to be dabbling in this world for realdo, and not just for play play!

Another update, I tried to get Sarah to go on the Weezer cruise with me next month, but her circumstances prohibit her from coming along to enjoy concerts on a boat and feet in the white sand – our eyes shielded by adventure hats. I think that my friend Amy might be able to step up to the plate and enjoy Heffe’s ocean view cabin and front row Weezer seat alongside me. It won’t be the same without the dude, but how crazy is it that I’m going to have a getaway from cancer town? It’s going to be so hard and so awesome. I’m nervous and elated. I have hardly left his side since September.


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Would you buy a custom sofa online?

Back when the dude moved into his new house, we started sofa shopping for the den. Here is how we found our sofa.

First, I had to pull some inspiration. With Sarah’s help I found Adrian Greniers EcoChic pad and Nicky Kehoe’s Hollywood home and I started the conversation at home about what the house could look like. The dude and I differ and have had some funny conversations along the way.

I’d gone on my own to sit down and think on sofas at CB2, LiveStyle, HD Buttercup, Jaxon Home and of course Ikea, cause I’m still into that. I like to sit on a sofa for a really long time, and just wonder. I’ll people watch, I’ll think about other items in my home that will match the sofa, or the new directions that the particular sofa might spin the aesthetic. I LOVE to daydream on a couch about living with it.

Jaxon Home had a strong contender in a dark grey velvet with tufts and a dropped arm. I’d texted a pic to the dude and he didn’t say he hated it, which meant that I heard a YES. Recently, I have been thinking about this sofa a lot, since I’ve been spending a lot more time at the Jaxon Showroom. They are a new client for my marketing group.

Anyway, we didn’t get that couch. Instead, one Saturday, Heffe and I got on our bikes and hit the boardwalk headed south from Santa Monica to Venice. We had stopped at approximately 4 bars before it occurred to me that we were very close to one of the sofa stores, LiveStyle. So we popped in, and with a little bit of a beachy, bikey, bar buzz, pulled the trigger on a couch immediately. Jeff saw it and said, “This is it.” We worked with the shop owner Francesca to pick out the fabric that we wanted, and waited impatiently for weeks while they built it.

This is what it looks like in our home nowadays. We love it cause it’s 80 miles deep and will seat a family of four for the entire Star Wars trilogies comfortably.

HeffeHouse sofa The Estate of Things Betsy Moyer

The reason why I’m telling this story though is b/c I wanna know how folks normally make this large purchase, you know – besides the bike rides with a buzz strategy. Our friend Ashley over at Meet Me in Philadelphia recently sprung for a English Roll Arm purchase from that Sarah is now considering for her next couch.

Ashley mentioned that her dude had to sit on it, so they took a trip to the showroom, but ultimately she bought online.

I keep hearing stats about the growing percentage of furniture purchases that are now happening online, so I’m curious, and y’all this has everything to do with aforementioned new client…. But, do you have experience buying a sofa without a test drive? If so, how are you building your confidence that you’ll get what you pay for? I’m really moved by the fact that Sarah is willing to buy the Bluebell based off of Ashley’s positive experience and GREAT looking results, plus the glowing reviews from Good Bones, Great Pieces, who just posted a guide to some great options under $2k and included two options. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Shiny Happy Makeover Follow Up

So the Emily Henderson Shiny Happy Makeover that I had posted about… the one that was going to fix this room:

Heffe Living Room

It was close, but we didn’t win. It came down to us and this other nice lady also called Emily – and she won the makeover. You can see her room on the DecorView Facebook page, and I’ll keep my eye out for the final product in the coming weeks, for sure!

Huge thanks to DecorView who let me down as gently as they possibly could, and then helped heal the wound with a $100 gift certificate and a sweet note about the dude’s recovery. Thanks yo!

It was really fun running around the house in those days before heading back to the hospital, joking with Heffe about all the things that Emily Henderson was going to fix. His brother laid claim to the extra television and all the gadgets and I was sure that we would finally win the war against the “so bad it’s good” chandelier that is in NO WAY good and the lack of curtains. If you are wondering what kept us from the title, I’m pretty sure it was the fact that the landlord didn’t want any changes made to his laminate built-ins or the brick fireplace. I’ll save my letter to Jesus about why people are timid to make certain updates for a different, more ranty post — when I’m feeling less spirited and more like an ingrate.

What has happened as a result of this brush with destiny, is that I have really started to think about what I, by myself, without $10k can do to change up the living room in the Heffe House. I’ve created this board to help organize some thoughts – but it’s got to happen. I’ve got to change it up.

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 11.15.43 AM

I had a moment with the Angie Hranowsky portfolio b/c Sarah told me too, and it cemented the cobalt blue thought. I’ve been thinking it about it lately and occasionally I like to dream about a life with an Yves Klein coffee table that cost $25k – but suddenly as I tore through her projects, it dawned on me – that maybe  I DO want to try the bright blue Karlstad slipcover that I have been toting around with me for 3 years with thoughts of selling it on Ebay.

So I set to work, running around the living room with tape measure in hand, talking to the dude about how I was going to swap out the art, paint the arc lamp rose gold, and toss on the blue couch cover… to which he said “No, no no,” until he finally said “You should just do all of this without telling me about it.”

Sounds like permission granted to me!

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Shiny Happy Makeover

I have some very serious things to discuss today. One is totally heavy, the other is totally silly. Which shall we begin with?

I think the silly.


I entered this. It was on a whim and I assumed it was a long shot. However, I got a call back and had a nice discussion with a dude from DecorView about setting up a time for the gang to come over to the house, take measurements and do the classic Emily Henderson style diagnostic.

Now for the heavy. I think it will become apparent when you read my entry into the contest. Life has taken a dramatic turn for the dude and I, but we are very grateful to know that it we will be able to get back to Heffe House shenanigans and Vintage Shasta Camper dreams soon enough.


Heffe is awesome. He is such a “dude,” but he is sweet and loving and totally willing to let me make fun of our disparate design sensibilities on my silly little blog. He let me move in and bring all my “weird” art. On a date, about 2 years ago – our relationship ripe enough to discuss potentially living together at some point — he told me that he would NEVER live with my turquoise couch. I legitimately doubted the longevity of our relationship at that moment. First offense, he thought my baby blue couch was turquoise, secondly whatever because now — he lives with it and he loves it.
Score with the couch, however – I’m not expert enough to get Heffe to agree that window treatments are rad. If it weren’t for the need for at least SOME privacy, I’m sure he’d prefer that the windows remain bare altogether – but I have stopped trying to get him to hang curtain rods. Slowly I’m working on showing him that homes feel more finished when properly designed, and that all of his peculiar admonishing is simply waiting for the right opportunity to be better informed.
A little personal background about Heffe… well, he is a single dad, 37 years old and good looking. I’m a lucky girl. His kids are with us every other weekend and they are amazing and way too smart for their age…. Smart like their dad – who is a financial analyst in downtown LA. Recently – as in like, I’m in the hospital room right now, Heffe was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. This is crazy and we are adjusting. I don’t even like typing it – but I know how well these type of human stories play out. I don’t know what your schedule is, but my good looking dude is bound to be bald pretty soon. We just finished up with the part one of the first round of perhaps as many as six or eight rounds of chemo. We’ll be in and out of the hospital for the next 6 months for treatment.
We’ve got the house spic and span for our first homecoming, but if we could come back to a Shiny Happy makeover after one of these hospital stays…. well that would just be too crazy. I don’t think he’d mind… He couldn’t possibly mind right? (Full disclosure, he knows I have a lady crush on Emily Henderson and I asked his permission to enter this. Full compliance.)
Much love,

We await word today. I’ll try not to be too disappointed if the Heffe House isn’t selected. But they just called again while I was preparing this post, and asked for contact info for the landlord. I called the landlord, and he’s stoked. I’m feeling pretty good about this.

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Bamboo Blinds Building a Mystery

The dude continues to astound. Some time ago, after much debate, we finally agreed upon some window treatments for the Heffe House. We had some bamboo blinds customized to fit our ranging odd shaped windows and happily installed them in the living room, dining room and bedrooms.

So, today I suggest we finish the job on the remaining windows! Response – dude “isn’t sold” on blinds in the kitchen.

I was really hoping to evoke a little response on social media for him to see that bamboo blinds are better than no blinds!!! Agree, or am I the one that’s crazy here? I think they look great on the two of three windows in the dining room. Could only be improved by adding the third and some drapes!!!

What are your thoughts on NO window treatment?

Bamboo Blinds look better The Estate of Things

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