Heffe House

DIY Coffee Table The Estate of Things 2

HeffeHouse Coffee Table Solution


It’s done finally! We DIY’ed it. You may recall that Sarah did me a solid and helped to point me in the right direction. We knew that we needed something a bit more airy than the previous chunk of veneer that was in the room. Heffe and I agreed that…

Matt Merrell for HomePolish

Homepolish: Let’s Get It Started In Here


Matt Merrell from HomePolish came over to get started on our design project at the Heffe House. I highly recommend having an interior designer over to your hizzy to talk about your style. It feels like we are really going to be able to get at the problem areas that I’ve been waffling…

Heffe House bedroom dreamy



Life can be cruel, cruel, cruel, and when it is – it’s nice to have one gabillion thread count sheets of white to crawl into… and even better is a loved one to cuddle up with and hold until the cruel time passes – and it will.  


Styling Shelves at the Heffe House


It’s no secret that the Heffe House built-ins are a disaster, and never have I ever been good at styling and accessorizing. My first task, which was positioned to me by my designer friend Matt, was to pick out some inspiration images. After I pick a few and study them…

West Elm Bentwood Pendant

Introduction to the New Heffe House Do-Over


Four years of paying rent to someone else constitutes the right to paint the walls and change out some light fixtures, yeah? Heffe just signed on for a second two year lease on his house, so that is what I want to do, from painting the walls to finally swapping…


Life is Looking Like…


I need to purge some rando files from my desktop — and step away. Starting with these self portraits. I was vogueing in the den all by myself. I wanted a clean and crisp portrait for my social profiles and I’m learning my new camera. The dude walked in at one…

Betsy Moyer Den The Estate of Things



What y’all doing? I’ve been doing this over at Skillshare with Justina Blakeney’s Interior Styling course. There is assigned homework, so of course I’m procrastinating and pretending like I can’t skip on to the next session until I complete the assignment for the first.     But, I did step into…

HeffeHouse sofa The Estate of Things Betsy Moyer

Would you buy a custom sofa online?


Back when the dude moved into his new house, we started sofa shopping for the den. Here is how we found our sofa. First, I had to pull some inspiration. With Sarah’s help I found Adrian Greniers EcoChic pad and Nicky Kehoe’s Hollywood home and I started the conversation at home…


Shiny Happy Makeover


Y’all. I have some very serious things to discuss today. One is totally heavy, the other is totally silly. Which shall we begin with? I think the silly. I entered this. It was on a whim and I assumed it was a long shot. However, I got a call back…

Bamboo Blinds look better The Estate of Things

Bamboo Blinds Building a Mystery


The dude continues to astound. Some time ago, after much debate, we finally agreed upon some window treatments for the Heffe House. We had some bamboo blinds customized to fit our ranging odd shaped windows and happily installed them in the living room, dining room and bedrooms. So, today I…


Heffe House: a list


You should see what Heffe did to the living room Sarah. Holy crap. You hate it. Look at all the TVs. He built that mantle extension shelving unit specifically so we could have people over and watch football on 18 screens. We did it on Sunday and really it was…

Heffe House loves its Flokati

Heffe House loves its Flokati


My Heffe House choices steer as far away from HOT PINK, CITRUS YELLOW, SONIC PLUM PURPLE as one could imagine. I know – travesty. Or perhaps I’m leaning more towards pull than pushin the Heffe House Push and Pull. It’s a necessity though, b/c as we’ve discussed before – color…


Tulip Dining Table


I want this. I know, so does everybody, but I’ve wanted it for years and years and I still want it….. and now I really want it. Because, I want to put it here in the Heffe Dining Room.


Sup Girl?


There are many things that could be done that just aren’t, but we did play all up in the Heffe House all weekend and at this moment I’m staring at a cleaned up task desk in the kitchen that makes my heart happy. I also FINALLY received the 15″ lamp…