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A desk comparison

by Sarah on April 9, 2014, one comment

DesksNot too long ago I was looking for a little, affordable desk for my 5-year old DC’s room. I came across the Threshold desk at Target. Affordable…absolutely and it reminded me of other more expensive simple, minimalist desks. It got great reviews and so the decision was easy. I like my choice.

Desk 51 Blu dot/ Threshold desk


Inspiration by Tom Dixon

by Betsy Moyer on March 1, 2014, one comment

Tom Dixon copper lights

I joined the nasty stop and go traffic in the rainy streets of Hollywood this past Thursday night to attend a book tour party in a sweet little pop-up gallery for Tom Dixon. Here is the nutshell.

At the time that the commercial Italian furniture market took notice of Tom Dixon’s work, he was paid 3% on the wholesale price of every design that sold. He said that this was a pretty fair standard for Cappellini to pay its designers in the eighties. For some reference to how insane this seems to me, I just signed Jaxon Home up for a program that rewards publisher’s like The Estate of Things 4x that percentage for sales on the retail price! So, for all of you bloggers out there wishing you were designers, you might be better off joining an affiliate network or calling me up to chat about selling some sofas for Jaxon Home! ;)


After a few years designing for Capellini, the designer was hired by Habitat, the UK’s equivalent to a Crate & Barrel. Tom Dixon served as a creative director for over 10 years and was the leader behind the rejuvenation of that brand! He referred to it humbly as taking a break from design to learn the ins and outs of retail operations, production and sales. His takeaway here was that the disparity between what a magazine will make you THINK people buy versus what actually sells, have nothing to do with one another! Fascinating, and not unbelievable… but what IS it that people buy I wonder!

Tom-Dixon-scented-candlesThe thought segued nicely into his introduction to his accessories line… so that speaks volumes to me! He said 10 years ago he may have sworn he’d never do it, but recently he’s taken to the notion that smell is a part of interior design, and as a result, Tom Dixon now sells candles!

And you know – If Tom Dixon is selling candles, maybe we should be too! (We will, soon enough y’all… You’ll find a full array of fantastic soy based candles hand poured by Market Street Candles’ Haley Hekman on our site within the coming week!)

Tom-DixonLast but not least, Tom Dixon had a funny note about how much he loves branding…. and he says he means the cowboy kind too, with a hot iron – a STAMP that signifies ownership and come to stand for quality. For the longest time he sold his designs to a mass market, but it wasn’t until 2002 that he took his own name to his designs and his products are now manufactured by him with his “conveniently symmetrical” name for his logo! He says that consumers don’t always look into the vertebrae of good design, but consumers do require branding as assurance of quality! Hey, that all sounds familiar to me too!

The talk was fantastic. The entire evening was all about celebrating the release of his book. The thing about the book from what I gathered, is that it is a well penned version of the talk that I loved last night. Full of chaotic meanderings and glimpses into the genius of the designer’s mind. I snapped a pic of a favorite page and here are a few to enjoy. It was a fantastic event, and I’m sure it will leave a lasting impression on me, and it has certainly strengthened my love for his product line.





Betsy Needs a Coffee Table

by Sarah on January 17, 2014, one comment

Betsy recently told me she was on the hunt for a new coffee table. She’s studying under the Skillshare hosted tutelage of Justina Blakeney learning how to style her house and the need for a new coffee table has stalled her styling progress.

Betsy needs the following in a new coffee table,

  • Serve as a makeshift medicine cabinet for Heffe
  • Durable enough for kids to occasionally eat on


Betsy's Coffee Table

1. Brickmaker 2. Dutch Industrial 3. Double Decker 4. Tourney 5. Seneca 6. Library 7. Edgewood 8. Smart table 9. Martens

My pick for Betsy is a close choice between 5 & 9 and really it depends on which direction Betsy wants to go with the overall design of the room. If Betsy were erring more toward the boho/California situation I’d say #9 is definite for me. That might look something like this living room created for Rachel Bilson by Kishani Perera ,

Rachel Bilson in LonnyWhy I like #9- Restoration Hardware’s products are typically well-made, I’ve had a good experience with all of my purchases and I know my Mom has too. I like the cut out look, tables you can see through and a second tier is a must in my opinion because when you need to clear off the top for the kids to eat or to play a game you can put things below. You can also put lidded baskets on the bottom shelf to hide all of the stuff that ain’t too pretty. But the best of all is all the stacks of books, mags and other goodies you can put there. In typical RH fashion the table is probably pretty generous in scale.

But If Betsy wants to go a little less organic and have some smoother modern finishes in her space then I’d say #5 is the right choice. That look will look similar to this Malibu ranch designed by Nickey Kehoe,

nickey kehoe

Why I like #5- Looks like good construction and a nice tone and finish but what I like most of all is that it is tiered yet it still has drawers. If the drawers aren’t enough you can still add lidded baskets for storage.

Truthfully these looks are not that far apart and both tables would work. So what does Betsy like?



Would you buy a custom sofa online?

by Betsy Moyer on November 26, 2013, 4 comments

Back when the dude moved into his new house, we started sofa shopping for the den. Here is how we found our sofa.

First, I had to pull some inspiration. With Sarah’s help I found Adrian Greniers EcoChic pad and Nicky Kehoe’s Hollywood home and I started the conversation at home about what the house could look like. The dude and I differ and have had some funny conversations along the way.

I’d gone on my own to sit down and think on sofas at CB2, LiveStyle, HD Buttercup, Jaxon Home and of course Ikea, cause I’m still into that. I like to sit on a sofa for a really long time, and just wonder. I’ll people watch, I’ll think about other items in my home that will match the sofa, or the new directions that the particular sofa might spin the aesthetic. I LOVE to daydream on a couch about living with it.

Jaxon Home had a strong contender in a dark grey velvet with tufts and a dropped arm. I’d texted a pic to the dude and he didn’t say he hated it, which meant that I heard a YES. Recently, I have been thinking about this sofa a lot, since I’ve been spending a lot more time at the Jaxon Showroom. They are a new client for my marketing group.

Anyway, we didn’t get that couch. Instead, one Saturday, Heffe and I got on our bikes and hit the boardwalk headed south from Santa Monica to Venice. We had stopped at approximately 4 bars before it occurred to me that we were very close to one of the sofa stores, LiveStyle. So we popped in, and with a little bit of a beachy, bikey, bar buzz, pulled the trigger on a couch immediately. Jeff saw it and said, “This is it.” We worked with the shop owner Francesca to pick out the fabric that we wanted, and waited impatiently for weeks while they built it.

This is what it looks like in our home nowadays. We love it cause it’s 80 miles deep and will seat a family of four for the entire Star Wars trilogies comfortably.

HeffeHouse sofa The Estate of Things Betsy Moyer

The reason why I’m telling this story though is b/c I wanna know how folks normally make this large purchase, you know – besides the bike rides with a buzz strategy. Our friend Ashley over at Meet Me in Philadelphia recently sprung for a English Roll Arm purchase from that Sarah is now considering for her next couch.

Ashley mentioned that her dude had to sit on it, so they took a trip to the showroom, but ultimately she bought online.

I keep hearing stats about the growing percentage of furniture purchases that are now happening online, so I’m curious, and y’all this has everything to do with aforementioned new client…. But, do you have experience buying a sofa without a test drive? If so, how are you building your confidence that you’ll get what you pay for? I’m really moved by the fact that Sarah is willing to buy the Bluebell based off of Ashley’s positive experience and GREAT looking results, plus the glowing reviews from Good Bones, Great Pieces, who just posted a guide to some great options under $2k and included two options. I’d love to hear your thoughts!