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Turning 5

by Sarah on May 19, 2013, one comment

My oldest daughter DC has turned five! This is DC and her Daddy celebrating the occasion at the Marbles Kids Museum. I guess you can tell who she looks like! (right Danielle?)
We opted out of the big party this year and decided to go on a “date” with Mom & Dad, just us three and sister Laney (18 mos.) stayed at home. It was good in theory but I don’t think DC is quite getting the concept. There have been a lot of mumblings about parties and can my cousin come…Although we are having cake and gifts with grandparents tonight I’m not sure I’d go this route again with a five year old but personalities are different. The first kids birthday party we were invited to was for a two year old and they had a pony!
Do you have big organized parties for kids 5 and under?


Babies and Birthdays

by Betsy Moyer on December 1, 2012, 2 comments

My sweet little Laney turned one over the weekend. We started the day off right,

Getting setup for the party, a year in review. Doubling as decoration and party favor, we let the guests take home any pictures they wanted.

Not too long ago we started with this,

and like most parents we feel like time has flown by and now we have a wonderful one year old with a great sense of humor that is oh so close to walking…any day now.

have you seen this cake on Pinterest? A local bakery, The Bakehouse recreated the cake for us.

Life is so much sweeter because of you.


Morning Announcements

by Sarah on August 4, 2011, 9 comments

In keeping up with the trend, I feel the need to announce the gender of Baby #2 in some cutesy, visual sort of way. Coincidentally, this is also our 1,000th post on Teot, well played Baby #2.

Going in to the ultrasound I had everyone convinced it was a boy except for my daughter DC, she thought it was a girl from the beginning and never wavered.

So up on the screen is Baby #2, weighing in at a hefty 12 oz.

The ultrasound tech has to measure everything and make sure things are developing properly. While all of this measuring is going on the anticipation builds.

And then finally,



oh sorry, slipped some outtakes in there, my subject has little sign holding experience

OK here we go,

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, its another girl! No Honey + Fitz airplane prints for this mama.

DC has already suggested the name Layla Sticky, she feels very strongly about this.