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Don’t Call it a Come Back

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We’ll be back in full effect with our regularly scheduled programming on Monday. But just wanted to share a little from our New Years Eve weekend…

Avett NYE

Shortly before the countdown to 2010, a little snow begin to fall.  What an exciting and interesting night.

Betsy is on a plane back to LA now as I type and its back to work for me tomorrow.


Rollin’ With The Homies

RIP Brittany Murphy, stellar in both Clueless and Girl Interrupted.  Thank you Brittany for vocalizing that portion of Coolio’s song so perfectly.

the estate of things chooses the homies

We had to return from holiday break for a quick note about The Homies.  The Homies is a best blog contest going on over at Apartment Therapy.

It’s pretty simple, click here and if you like us and you think The Estate of Things should be nominated then by all means pop one in the ballot box for us.

Thanks again for reading, Happy Holidays



Wish List

I think I am in love with this…


What the hell is it? Well they are Glow bowls of course. Put airplants or tea lights in them, either way it’s magic. I just found them on Sunset magazine’s website along with a bunch of other fabulous stuff.

It’s a last minute addition Santa, sorry I know you’ll understand.


Start Drooling… Kate Spade’s Apartment

The Park Avenue Pre-War Apartment of designer Kate Spade and her husband Andy is amazing.

Actually, I’d say it’s superior. When I saw their apartment it was comparable to my daughter DC’s reaction to the beginning of Blue’s Clues, which means I should kneel down on the floor in front of the computer screen and flap my arms and say “da dadadada”.

Sometimes you just love things, and well I love the Spade Park Avenue apartment as most do. So here it is…

In Town & Country

“in new york, people like to stereotype you by where you live,” she observes. “our downtown friends kept saying, ‘oh, uptown, that’s so provincial; it’s not very modern.’ it’s so silly to be judged by your neighborhood. when i was growing up in kansas city, you told people where you lived and they said, ‘oh, okay.’ but in new york you tell them, and you hear this tone in their voices. it’s ridiculous.”

Sounds like my kind of girl…

The mix of frames, art and finishes is pretty daring but all seems to nestle in together nicely. Looks complex and I would love to do it but I would run the risk of just looking mish-mashed.

the estate of things chooses spade apartment kitchen

Striking a balance can be difficult.


This is really just perfect.

New York based designer, Steven Sclaroff collaborated with Kate and Andy on the design. It took 12 months to renovate, three years to decorate.

Everyone has gone on and on about the candlesticks and the black interior doors. Sclaroff says the black paint gave the doors a “graphic quality”.


the estate of things chooses spade dining room


UPDATE: June 5, 2018

We have just learned of the passing of this fashion icon and we’re devastated. Death by suicide is such a tragedy and it makes us think of the devastating effects of mental illness. Thank you for your inspiration Kate Spade, may you rest in peace.


Stylist Martha Bernabe

Martha Bernabe’s sets are minimalist with just the right dose of color and that is what drew me to her portfolio this evening during one of my long ventures down an online rabbit hole.

the estate of things chooses martha bernabe the estate of things chooses martha bernabe

the estate of things chooses martha bernabe

Mibo pillow on sofa, Danish mid-century chair and looks like a Jonathan Adler lamp maybe West Elm, animal skin rug–fast approaching played out

the estate of things chooses martha bernabe the estate of things chooses martha bernabe

Does anyone else think that antlers are at the least over done if not just…over

the estate of things chooses martha bernabe

View Martha Bernabe’s website here.


Commitment Issues

I thought for a hot minute that I might want to wallpaper the downstairs bathroom at Bungalow 404 with this Blackbird by Cavern, via Walnut Wallpaper

Cavern Wallpaper

It’s a small space and it would be above white wainscoting. Just a touch. But I can’t do it, I can’t commit to wallpaper.

Should I?

I fear my love for wallpaper is fleeting. I think wallpaper and I would have a long and fruitless engagement, I will never marry.

cavern wallpaper Blackbird-installation-shot