Pillow Talk Accent and Anchor Pillows by The Estate of Things

Spring Hill: Choosing Banquette Pillows


I gave my Spring Hill client a little roundup of some different fabrics I wanted her to choose from for pillows at the banquette. In keeping with a farmhouse industrial vibe, I chose these five combinations. Let’s think about grain sacks and a modern farmhouse and when block prints and…

succulent planter the estate of things

Something Green


  This combo yields something like this, Agave is Desert Diamond from the always amazing Plants Delight (order online) and the vintage planter is from our shop.

Bullard kitchen

A Notable Kitchen


One of Country Living’s Contributing Editors Heather Bullard designed her own 600 square foot kitchen along with the rest of her house. It’s a great melding of functionality and rustic modern beauty by the orange grove. You’re gonna be jealous of the dish pantry and the coffee bar and the…

open shelves kitchen18

Styling Open Shelves in the Kitchen


Open shelving in the kitchen is everywhere these days.  It’s time to get inspired in how to style those shelves whether they were installed by a custom cabinet maker or your husband. Maybe you went totally progressive and installed shelving with no upper cabinets or maybe you just added some floating…

sliding doors3

Sliding Door Makeover


While I was painting the white washed paneling in my kitchen and waving anxiously goodbye to the 90s, it occurred to me that I could quickly makeover the ugly sliding doors on our little kitchen pantry. They slide on a track and pass over one another and they are solid…

Spring Hill kitchen plan

Spring Hill: Working Plan


This is the plan I’ve worked up for the Spring Hill kitchen project. Its a general conception of the classic white kitchen with a farmhouse and industrial influence.   We’re using some classic elements that you probably see a lot and that’s because they work and they look great for a…

Bennett Kitchen Sconces

Bennett Kitchen: Sconces


Every time I start a remodel project I do an initial walk through with Chuck the electrician before rough-in. He always says (use southern accent) “have you got sum fixtures you wanna design the house around”. Lighting is so absolutely important and easy to get wrong, whether you choose a…

martha stewart kitchen white TV

The White TV I’m Hoarding


I was cruising through my internet friend Danielle’s Pinterest board that she shared with me a while back when she was renovating her kitchen. When I say my internet friend Danielle, I mean a person whom I’ve never met in person that lives in another state and reached out to…

accessory kitchen mix

Best Kitchen Accessories


Chances are you’ve seen one or all of these accessories in all those dream kitchens you’ve been pinning. From serving boards to canisters, we’ve rounded up six must have accessories for the kitchen.     Schoolhouse Electric Brass Rail/ Hammam hand towel, West Elm/ Serving board, General Store Anchor Hocking canisters, Walmart/ olive…

metal elle decor

Trends: Metal Shelves in Kitchens


Metal shelving and brackets…making kitchens special everywhere. Sometimes they are made out of pipe which I know you’re really thrilled about and even better if there’s a DIY prospect in it right? We love that industrial look. Kudos to those of you that can pull that kind of stuff off…

green cabinets

White Appliances on a Comeback?


Speaking of a comeback, have you watched or are already a dedicated viewer of The Comeback on HBO? We recently watched 2 or 3 episodes and it was almost entirely too painful and awkward to watch. My husband Dan said Valerie was making him too uncomfortable to even watch. But Val…

bennett before

Bennett Kitchen: Introduction


Not too long ago you were introduced to the Spring Hill kitchen, well I’m also working on another kitchen remodel project called the Bennett kitchen. The Bennett kitchen needs a lot of help! It’s a small kitchen with wooden cabinets from the 1950s or possibly earlier, a linoleum floor with a…

Kristin banquette

Spring Hill: Farmhouse Industrial Dining Nook


The Spring Hill kitchen is really more than just a kitchen. The scope of the project will eventually cover the living area and the dining nook that is part of the kitchen. The client is looking for a melding of the farmhouse/industrial look while keeping cottage in our rear view. Here’s what…

sconce kitchen6

Sconces in the Kitchen


If possible the best approach is to have different levels of lighting in a room to gain a good balance. Different levels of lighting can include recessed ceiling or can lights, sconces, decorative ceiling lights and table and floor lamps. Using varied levels of lighting can reduce the hard and direct light…

plywood shelving

Consider Plywood


We sheath houses and structures with plywood and we construct subfloors and the backs of cabinets and furniture from plywood. Plywood is always the basic and hidden material. BUT…plywood can also share the stage. This has got to be the belle of the plywood ball.   Based on the informative image above, these…