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COLOR: What’s your prediction for 2009?

The Estate of Things chooses Purple - Color Trend

Today I read this article:

Purple. It snuck its way into my wardrobe here and there throughout the year and the jury was still out on why it was popping back up in my life. Sometimes its hard to tell if you intuitively pick up on trends merely b/c they pop up in the world, if they are force-fed to your sub-conscious, misleading you to believe that it was your own original idea. Either way – I do have love affairs with colors and like most of my relationships they sneak up on me and last way longer than they should. Does this mean that its time to break up with Turquoise? I’m just not sure I’m ready for that.

Pantone 18-3943 Blue Iris

Pantone Selects Color of the Year for 2008:

Blue Iris was Pantone’s color of the year for 2008 – I am preferring a more pure purple myself… they’re almost there. I think in 2009 we’ll be seeing more and more and more on the purple side. What I am interested to see is what the market will provide in terms of color palettes. I think that purple can be all wrong if not paired appropriately. I’ll be thinking about this while you check out this collection of fun Purple Inspired Designery.

The Estate of Things chooses Purple

Also, If you are a color nut like me

Use this totally Kool Tool to help you come up with your own palettes.

or – Rate your Color IQ with this fun test !


A Furbish Studio Open House – Well, I Suwanee

The Estate of Things chooses I Suwannee

Thank you for the heads up from my friend, Interior Designer Laurie Rhoney, who emailed me with a link to I Suwannee – a totally refabulous blog about things and stuff by a girl that we know you’ll like. She’s holding an Open House tomorrow in Clemmons, NC with her fun refurbished furniture projects, home wares, screen printed goodies, flair etc… I’m thinking I’ll hit the road to check her out.

Click on the Invitation Image to see I Suwannee’s Original Post and don’t forget to cruise through her posts for a sneak peek at some of what she’ll have available.

The Estate of Things chooses I Suwannee Open House


Etsy Seller of the Week: Erin Tyner

The Estate of Things chooses Erin Tyner

I’m really into this fun macro photography style. I get a really neat feeling from the stories that I see in these teeny tiny people photos and the dreamy worlds that they live in. I want to own this kind of imagery and think a series on my wall will make my home feel inspiring. Please check out Erin Tyner’s Etsy Shop and let us know what you think!?

Here are a few favs, click on the photo to view it for sale in Erin Tyner’s Shop.

The Estate of Things chooses Erin Tyner

The Estate of Things chooses Erin Tyner

The Estate of Things chooses Erin Tyner

The Estate of Things chooses Erin Tyner

Other Fun Erin Tyner Stuff

Erin Tyner Blog

Erin Tyner Photography Website


Joel Dewberry Fabric

I’ve been on the hunt for some fun and inspiring fabrics to play with (meanwhile building a repertoire of links to fabric sites for the TEOT Resources Page.)

I’ve run across some really fun ones for kids and adults alike. But I really liked this guy, his website and his patterns – so I wanted you to join me by saying hey to Joel Dewberry! I like your pretty birds and patterns.

This is a sweet little dress made from John Dewberry’s Aviary line…..


and Here’s a little snippet of the most recent (though I gather that its more than a year old) line of fabrics from Joel Dewberry called Ginseng.



Etsy Seller of the Week: PataPri

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While my my Newfoundland Puppy, Pollock chewed on the Rug or did what he could to otherwise ruin something in Sarah’s carefully edited home – She and I sat on the couch and laughed at this awesome find. We decided that hereforth – we are gonna publish our picks for Etsy Seller of the Week.

Hands down PataPri is a worthy first entry.


Sarah went nuts… Pretty sure she is purchasing this Art Print while I type away.


Meanwhile I have my eye on some Kitchen Towels that look like Paper Towels. I like the subtle implication that we shouldn’t be wasteful. Thank You PataPri. We love what you are doing!



Do you remember Flip Dolls?

Mine was Little Red Riding Hood, the Grandmother AND the Big Bad Wolf. The flip doll usually came as a fabled friend/foe combo. They were story-telling dolls and I remember the joy of sitting at the librarian Mrs. Spuller’s plump feet as she spun me into fantasy land with these at her lap.

The doll is double bodied and separated by a long skirt so you need merely to turn the skirt upside down for a brand new character. Some may come with an additional accessory, for example – it was the bonnet that turned Grandma into the BBW with my childhood doll.

I’m totally interested in these as a come-back kitsch item. I’m looking around for them and I did stumble upon a cute little seller called “UmbrellaPrints ” with something similar. It’s not quite the same thing – but the concept is there. Not to mention, their fabrics are desirable and I was thrilled to learn that they are screen-printing them themselves.

So, now I’m thinking and dreaming of a DIY flip-doll project. I went out and bought the stuffing and some fabrics. We’ll see how it goes.

The Estate of Things chooses UmbrellaPrints Flip Dolls

UmbrellaPrints makes a similar concept doll – flip over a flat piece of fabric for a new facial expression and different outfit.

The Estate of Things chooses Kiki Smith - Owl and the Pussycat Flip Doll

See Kiki Smith ‘s “Owl and the PussyCat” Flip Doll that she made while she was acting as Artist-in-Resdence at the Fabric Workshop and Museum


Doily Screen

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Check out this fantastic Do It Yourself Arts & Crafts Project for the home. The result is a beautiful screen. Hang it on the wall, behind the couch, etc.

Your nearest party supply store should have packages of paper doilies. You’re gonna need lots! If you want a uniform look go ahead and get doilies in all the same size. However, for a more interesting patchwork look pick up a range of sizes and shapes. You’ll also need a package of white tie wraps or a floral wire in white. You can attach the doilies together with other material if you like, but this maliable wire is easiest and this is going to be a tedious project.

Once you are home and all prepared with lots of floor space, just open up your first package and start laying out your doilies in your preferred pattern. You might get hung up on this, so keep in mind the only decision that you really need to make is if you want it to be a geometric pattern or something more haphazard. Once you’ve got them laid out begin attaching the ends where they meet with the floral wire. Once you are done you might get your hands on a long piece of white pvc piple. You can use packaging tape to attach the top of your screen to the pipe and then just roll down a couple of layers and secure the ends using more tape.

Hang her up!

If you need an option that is a little less fragile, try cutting out circular shapes with cardboard and attaching them using the same method. I recommend selecting a color scheme and pre-painting the circles before attaching them together. While I think this option is even more tedious, I did see it executed in an Anthropologie store display, draped over a canopy bed. It looked pretty rad and that’s why I’m talking about it now.

Lastly, check out this beautiful floral screen. The piece resides in the Permanent Collection of SFMOMA. Its titled No Betweens, by artist Jim Hodges . This is the ultimate inspiration for this project. Hodges pieced his screen together by de-constructing silk flowers and sewing the flowers back together in a random pattern, attaching petal to petal.


The Holga Cult

A great solution for decorating your space with photography without it feeling like a Freshman Girl’s Dorm Room.

Holga Camera

The Holga Camera emerged from the early 1980’s as a toy camera. Manufactured in China, its appeal comes mostly from the quality (or lack thereof) of the prints it produces. I was first introduced to the Holga Camera when visiting a little camera shop in Los Angeles. There was this gaudy display case filled with silly toy camera’s all decorated, painted and pimped out. My photographer friend explained to me the virtue of this plastic body camera and its massive underground appeal. I’ve since noticed its appearance at Urban Outfitters and several books have stuck out to me when perusing the little coolio bookstores about town. Suffice to say, it has a cult appreciation in the photography world and appears to have become decisively hip among the hippest of hipsters. (whatev!)

Purchase this inexpensive camera from your local camera shop or online. Urban Outfitters sells the Holga Camera as well as other fun cameras that produce fantastic frame worthy results. The Holga is a Medium Format camera and takes 120 size film which can be purchased at most any photo store.

If you aren’t the DIY type, Etsy features tons of great samples of the photography style.

This is the result from the Holga by my Photographer Friend who loves Eagle Rock.

The Estate of Things chooses Christopher Alabada

“Eagle Rock”