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Doin’ Things… with Bourbon and Goose

by Betsy Moyer on April 8, 2014, one comment

bijoux and marissa

I reunited with an old friend, Marissa of Bourbon and Goose to join in on some Happy Hour Club fun this past Friday. Marissa, a fellow blogger who I worked with at The Design People has recently rented a studio at The Unique Space. She’s giving it a go as FULL TIME entrepreneur lady who blogs and brands and designs and strategizes. She’s a smart girl and she’s doing super cool things… (like launching a national branding campaign for a coconut water brand for example and renting her space out on the weekends so that the chick from the Naked and Famous can get some headshots and getting all kinds of lovin for her meticulously cool Instagram work.) Needless to say, I was excited to reconnect.

I got into the quick tour that she gave me and it was actually pretty trippy to see The Unique Space with my real eyes, since I feel that I’ve been there before – vicariously, cyber realistically. The suite of studios and common working spaces are packed with all types of content creators and publishers, developers, photographers, bloggers, vloggers… all sorts of creatives that are wheeling and dealing, with the internet as their secondary if not primary medium.

If I didn’t need to focus my time on slinging sofas and it wasn’t such a haul across town, I might consider taking up space there in the Arts District of downtown LA — if only to be around people that are making and shaking all day every day.

Marissa Happy Hour Club

Besides the opportunity to get a glimpse into the co-working space, I was excited for the first hand experience with Marissa’s new Happy Hour Club. Every friday, she introduces a new cocktail to her co-creatives and if the consensus is a positive one, then the recipe will make it’s way to her Los Angeles adventure blog.

Pink Peppercorn

On this particular friday, Marissa introduced the crowd to a Pink Pepper infused gin cocktail and she personally foraged for the pink peppers herself. Did you know they grow wild all over LA, and they are delicious? I wouldn’t normally think of LA as the type of town where you’d hit the outdoors looking for wild grown foods to eat, but it’s a thing okay! People do it. And it’s cool.

Bourbon and Goose

Before we got busy getting boozey, we talked some smack about the state of the blogging world and the projects that we are each into. Jaxon is gearing up to launch its first in a series of upcoming editorial sales and first up is THE GENTLEMEN’S BAR… We’ll load up on the type of bar accessories that we think suits the Jaxon vibe (I’m thinking masculine, modern and urban with that rustic if not industrial appeal.) And Bourbon and Goose will partner up by crafting a cocktail just for Jaxon, and presenting it at the Happy Hour Club. We’ll be sure to snap some great pics and share them along with the bar collection! Sounds like fun right!? I’m excited.

Studio Time with Bourbon and Goose




by Betsy Moyer on March 22, 2014, one comment

Jaxon Home Vintage projectsOh Hey! Here’s some clicking around for ya.

I really got into this wicked awesome house renovation tour on Houzz. I’m a lady with many dreams and so when I squeeze my eyes real tight and imagine my lifestyle – about a third or a fourth of the time that scene is dominated by a perfectly renovated mid-century post and beam perched on a hill overlooking a vast landscape full of city lights. So, imagine my delight upon seeing that dream spread before me in a collection of fantastic before and after photos.

I’ve been marathoning Lea Thau’s Strangers podcast lately. I’ve always loved Lea and her podcast was a project that I was super into, but whatever has changed in me in this past year and a half has me relating to these stories and this concept of exploring humanity between strangers on a whole new level. I think I’ve gobbled up almost the entire body of work in the past two weeks.

I’ve been loading up the store with accessories. It’s just a start and there are tons more to add, including a new pillow line and a new rug line. We’re really starting to make some curatorial selections and it’s exciting to work toward capturing the Jaxon vibe and trying to tell that story online.

Ummm… our friend Jamie of Furbish Studio was listed as one of the internets best 38 home decor stores on Racked. I mean, I was already filled with joy and awe sitting there flipping through Domino Magazine to find her spread in the glossy whose fold gave her a rise to fame in 2009… and this is yet another big achievement! Furbish is listed among some really heavy hitters the likes of Wayfair, West Elm, CB2, DWR, and alongside distinctive designers like John Robshaw, Jonathan Adler and Thomas Paul. Great company indeed. Congrats to her and her team!

Also, y’all… If you’re following our personal journey, let’s have a hoorah! The dude’s last chemotherapy treatment is done, and we’re just waiting out his final recovery period. Before you know it, we’ll be back to that normal old routine lifestyle where we go to work everyday and eat dinner at that same old restaurant down the street. <3<3<3






Inspiration by Tom Dixon

by Betsy Moyer on March 1, 2014, one comment

Tom Dixon copper lights

I joined the nasty stop and go traffic in the rainy streets of Hollywood this past Thursday night to attend a book tour party in a sweet little pop-up gallery for Tom Dixon. Here is the nutshell.

At the time that the commercial Italian furniture market took notice of Tom Dixon’s work, he was paid 3% on the wholesale price of every design that sold. He said that this was a pretty fair standard for Cappellini to pay its designers in the eighties. For some reference to how insane this seems to me, I just signed Jaxon Home up for a program that rewards publisher’s like The Estate of Things 4x that percentage for sales on the retail price! So, for all of you bloggers out there wishing you were designers, you might be better off joining an affiliate network or calling me up to chat about selling some sofas for Jaxon Home! ;)


After a few years designing for Capellini, the designer was hired by Habitat, the UK’s equivalent to a Crate & Barrel. Tom Dixon served as a creative director for over 10 years and was the leader behind the rejuvenation of that brand! He referred to it humbly as taking a break from design to learn the ins and outs of retail operations, production and sales. His takeaway here was that the disparity between what a magazine will make you THINK people buy versus what actually sells, have nothing to do with one another! Fascinating, and not unbelievable… but what IS it that people buy I wonder!

Tom-Dixon-scented-candlesThe thought segued nicely into his introduction to his accessories line… so that speaks volumes to me! He said 10 years ago he may have sworn he’d never do it, but recently he’s taken to the notion that smell is a part of interior design, and as a result, Tom Dixon now sells candles!

And you know – If Tom Dixon is selling candles, maybe we should be too! (We will, soon enough y’all… You’ll find a full array of fantastic soy based candles hand poured by Market Street Candles’ Haley Hekman on our site within the coming week!)

Tom-DixonLast but not least, Tom Dixon had a funny note about how much he loves branding…. and he says he means the cowboy kind too, with a hot iron – a STAMP that signifies ownership and come to stand for quality. For the longest time he sold his designs to a mass market, but it wasn’t until 2002 that he took his own name to his designs and his products are now manufactured by him with his “conveniently symmetrical” name for his logo! He says that consumers don’t always look into the vertebrae of good design, but consumers do require branding as assurance of quality! Hey, that all sounds familiar to me too!

The talk was fantastic. The entire evening was all about celebrating the release of his book. The thing about the book from what I gathered, is that it is a well penned version of the talk that I loved last night. Full of chaotic meanderings and glimpses into the genius of the designer’s mind. I snapped a pic of a favorite page and here are a few to enjoy. It was a fantastic event, and I’m sure it will leave a lasting impression on me, and it has certainly strengthened my love for his product line.





by Betsy Moyer on February 22, 2014, one comment

Just Get It Done Sometimes things are quiet, and creative pursuits come easily, other times the roar of expectation deafens my ability to make things happen. Right now I’m hearing a lot of roar, and I need to remember to just work hard. We spent the past week in the hospital, so I’m sitting here now, grateful to be home – but lost for what to do first. I need to make a list and check “make a list” off. You know what I mean?

How about some light Saturday internet-ing for you?

Sarah is putting some thoughts together for Laney’s big girl room. I’m happy to see this!

My Morrocan Tea candle met its end recently, and I’m thinking about getting my hands on some more.

I’ve been living in this shirt that I got for a dime at H&M.

Victoria of SFGirlbyBay responded to my twitter wonderings – regarding the bentwood West Elm pendants. Se has one, and reports that it will indeed suffice and I’m happy for her endorsement. Now, to pull the trigger!

I’ve been diggin’ Mandi of Vintage Revivals a lot lately. I don’t know if I told you or not, but I tried my hand at this Pom POM Blanket DIY and mine didn’t turn out so bad.

Jaxon Home launched an “all things leather” sale today. You can get 15% off of any leather items online! There are sleek shapes with clean lines to match your downtown Arts district loft apartment and bulky comfy timeless shapes to sink into in your Topanga Mountain weekend getaway. There are rich vintage inspired buttery hides and crisp smooth leathers alike. And, the whole ordeal is fully customizable.

That’s all I have folks. Happy Weekending to you!


Why are we so unpopular?

by Betsy Moyer on February 20, 2014, no comments

It’s that time of year again, where we get to scroll the long list of interior design blogs and add about fifty billion new sites to love to our blog readers… That’s right – it’s the Homies.

As always we are honored to be on the list. We love bein on that list cause it sends us new eyeballs!

Last year, I was all “Vote your conscience, vote Emily Henderson…” and this year, I may feel the exact same — she deserves a win. I’d love to know how you guys feel about the distinct veer toward the mommysphere with the introduction of #CharlieHendo? What a cute child. I’ve read every word she’s written about her new love.

I will also toss in my vote for Justina Blakeney who is a new discovery for me this past year, and now it’s hard to imagine how I ever stood to skim my reader without her in it. She’s a hard worker and I dig her style a lot. I’m stoked about #thenewbohobook that I am seeing glimpses of on her Instagram profile.

Speaking of your blog reader, do you still use one? I love kickin’ back on my iPad w/ Feedly and flipping for hours. It’s definitely filled the void that a glossy mag once held court in.

Alright dudes, enjoy the mountains of design blogs laid out before you on Apartment Therapy, or just enjoy this funny Pinterest find! ;)

why so unpopular