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Art for the Home


I’m thinking side by side photographs is just the right thing for over my bed.

Now I’m a bit embarrassed to show you this because I need a new everything here…but this is the spot. You’re thinking yeah that room needs something and its not just art–that’s what I’d be mumbling to my computer screen right now if I was you.

This is what got me on the right track,

design by Hillary Thomas & Jeff Lincoln via House of Turquoise

I was reminded of the pair over the Ruffalo’s bed in Domino,

and then my mind quickly shifted to these prints,

Jennifer Squires Productions



Get the look

Some recent observations when cruising around the internet looking at art-

So Nathan Turner has these great large scale photographic prints of flowers both in his condo and in his shop.

image via Nathan Turner

via So Haute

And I’m thinking this magenta Peony photograph from Jennifer Squires has a similar effect and will get the job done. How about this hung on a dark navy or gray wall or mixed with aqua and turquoise blue? Could be pretty great.

And for yo’ information Jennifer offers these sizes too-

$150 | 11×14 inches (28 cm x 36 cm)
$340 | 16×20 inches (40 cm x 50 cm)
$450 | 20×24 inches (50 cm x 60 cm)
$630 | 24×30 inches (60 cm x 75 cm)

Steven Gambrel always seems to feature a great landscape somewhere and this commanding image of clouds over the sea looks pretty damn amazing over that bed.

Aria by artist Halverson Frazier will get you one step closer to getting the look Gambrel created in the bedroom above.

Markham Roberts is another designer who uses great landscapes in his interiors like the photograph of the ocean above the sofa,

This mystic seascape will work some magic over your sofa,

Lontano– As from a distance

Perhaps you like a little less water in your abstract landscapes– for example,

or one of my favorites the abstract landscape in the dining room at Alexandra Pavoncelli’s Long Island home,

if you like those then you’ll like this,

and she has several more that you will love equally.


Frame a Scarf

Its one of those affordable art concepts that’s been around for a bit but needs reviewing…frame a vintage scarf. What are we all waiting for, we should just do it already.

I seriously considered framing a vintage Vera scarf for Laney’s nursery. So I set out one night (months ago) on an Etsy search and found a few good possibilities– and then didn’t follow through. Its a familiar occurrence. Can you tell that there is a tinge of self-loathing here because so often I don’t follow through with these ideas. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

Here are a few of the Vera scarves I found—there are soooo many to love,

Quantum Singularities




You can also search Ebay for something a little more luxurious like Emilio Pucci, Hermes, Chanel etc.

Recently I saw Bryn pin a scarf framed in acrylic and I really like the idea of acrylic frames,

And if you’re not sold on the idea yet here are some examples,


And if you don’t want to frame them, there’s always the ol’ scarf throw pillows. So I’m curious, have you framed a scarf?




Zoe Bios Creative

Thank you One Kings Lane for introducing me to Zoe Bios Creative. The founders of Zoe Bios Creative, a design house in Silver Lake, CA came from good stock, founders Minh Nguyen is a former Managing Director for Natural Curiosities and Caitlin Dinkins is a former Creative Director for  Stila Cosmetics with illustrations featured from museum to Vogue.

I love the modern, bohemian, soCal vibe that Zoe has going on and plus one of serveral artists they represent is Joseph Knowles, Jr. who has become a fast favorite.

This is the piece I snapped up,

Blaise Delacroix, Rose

Blaise Delacroix, Rose

Some other favorites, which made it a hard pick–

Joseph Knowles Jr Buffalo

Buffalo, Joseph Knowles Jr.

Jon Rou The Beach

Jon Rou, The Beach

Joseph Knowles Jr charcoal lady

Joseph Knowles Jr., charcoal lady

fuchsia curves zoe bios creative

ZBC original, Fuchsia Curves

Joseph Knowles Jr horses

 Horses, Joseph Knowles Jr.

Here is ZBC at the New York International Gift Fair (we’ll get there one day Mom)

zoe bios creative at NYIGF 2

zoe bios creative at NYIGF

zoe bios creative at NYIGF 3 

One of my other favorite offerings at ZBC are the dripped olea pots which remind me of antique Italian olive oil pots,

zoe bios creative dripped olea pot
Tell me you don’t love it too.