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Art for the Home

Maija Lourkari for Marimekko

I don’t know exactly how Sarah came by this Marimekko print, or even where it may hang in her house these days. I have a feeling it might be in DC’s bedroom. Here it is taking center stage in her bedroom about 3 homes ago.

I have long admired it. So I set to DIY my own to fill up a blank wall with LARGE art in the Heffe House. Sarah, do you mind if I jack your steelo?

Mine is pretty simple – it’s a shower curtain that I stretched over some canvas stretcher bars from Blick Art Supply.

In hindsight, I might have lined it, but all in all, I’m happy with it. It was a super inexpensive way to get some large impact art on our walls!

The final product landed as part of a cluttered vignette, atop the piano. Since I’m now striving to declutter, I’ve moved the piece into the den where the scale matches the room. I think it’ll live here as we work to improve the overall design of the home.


Ledge Your Bets

I’m proposing a ledge art arrangement in your house AND mine.


It’s a casual look and if your art or photograph collection rotates a lot or you have a commitment problem with art then the ledge plan is pretty perfect.

ledge2I really like the idea of a casual arrangement like this in the dining room so your guests and family can enjoy some of your art collection and share some of the family memories through the display of photographs, the mix of frames in India Hicks’ dining room adds an even more storied look.

ledge3One of my favorite examples of the ledge look is Sunrise Ruffalo’s entry,

lege ruffaloSo let’s do it up,

Ledge Looks

Yellow bench/ Acrylic/ Wrap bench/ White ledge/ Striped bench/ Reclaimed ledge





Trends: Macramé

Sally England has recently become an absolute highlight in my Instagram feed. Sally was once a display artist for Anthropologie. Don’t those folks always end up blossoming into such wonderful careers. She moved on from there into commissions from major brands, the likes of Ace Hotel. I recall being bowled over by some intense macrame work when Sarah and I had our Ace stay in Palm Springs a few years back.

I think the recent fascination with macrame in interior design makes perfect sense. We were already seeing these patterns play out on the moroccan rugs that everyone is digging, and it seems to me that incorporating a ton of organic texture has become a really important part of mastering the mix. Rope and hemp all knotted up in these lovely organic patterns provide a softer play on the geometric patterns that we’ve been designing with for some time.

Are you hip to this new trend of displaying woven textiles on the wall? You likey? Are you gonna reach out for your nearest dowel rod and rope bundle and start giving it the ole DIY try? You know I am!

Sally England Macrame

There are more artists that are offering great examples of this new work that you should check out, from Etsy sellers to high end artisans. I’ve gathered a few more of my fav pins that feature the trend from on this Pinterest board.

Also, if you’ll indulge me my self promotion – I also got all excited and wrote a macramé post on LA Mag!





Art on One Kings Lane

I’m of the opinion that the flash sale site One Kings Lane is pretty legit when it comes to offering furnishings and accessories that will make your house spiffy.

I like many of their sales and one of my favorites are the art sales. For the next three days OKL is running a sale called “Beautifully Bohemian” packed with some art that is pretty darn good. The selection of and the purchase of art can and should be very, very personal and I realize that you art snobs out there might turn up your nose at buying art on OKL and I’m ok with that.

Extra 20% off when you enter the code FALLCHEER. Pretty nice. These are some of my picks.

art rorschach

Blue Rorschach 1

art lightning puzzle

Lightning Puzzle

art black flowers

Black Field of Flowers

art hollow hills

Hollow Hills

art tribal

Tribal Points

art horses

Black and White Horse Two

art scout

Detail of Scout

art shadow

Crouching in Shadow

art bird hair

Bird in Hair

art ramRam








Gallery Walls & Indecision

Gallery walls are on my mind a lot these days, they always had their place in my brain but lately they’ve been front and center.

And everyday I stare at this wall in my living room, weighing down my progress in getting this house situated,

sarah living roomWhat do you want wall? Do you want a big piece of art and two smaller ones nestled alongside?

gallery wall3Do you want a large abstract or a large photograph that stands alone?

gallery wall2

Do you want a gallery wall?

gallery wall

Do I need to go back to a sectional to wrap on to that wall?

Have you considered what I or the rest of the room wants at all? Did you think maybe the dining room wall might want a gallery wall too!

Oh the plague of indecision…sometimes I hit a wall but the answer will surface eventually.


Kate Worm Figures

Shout out to my old colleague Kate Worm, a beautiful and kind art instructor whom I had the pleasure of working with for a brief time at the Hickory Museum of Art! I wanna be like her when I grow up!

I particularly love her figure paintings, and just had a moment thinking of her today, thus decided to share her beautiful work with you! She sells her work, and if I was smart – I’d call her up right quick and snag one of these for myself.

Kate Worm Paintings