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Art for the Home

Natural Instinct

Nature Art Prints. Put a twist on Traditional.

Nature Art Prints a home decor idea by The Estate of Things

Y’all… today’s home decor idea is simple.

The idea is to inject some nature prints into your home.

Here is why.

Serenity. Proportion. God. Design. Perfection.

I know that might sound cliche at first, but trust me – I hate cliches.

The thing is, that injecting a nature print into your everyday, especially one that you are personally drawn to… perhaps for color, for composition, or because you have an affinity for that particular animal…. it is sure to elevate your space and make you happy.

What more could you ask for from a previously empty space on your wall?


Shop TEOT’s art collection here, and if you are specifically drawn to the butterfly print above, she is here

oh yeah and that Hicks pillow is timeless, and is available in two sizes here.




Must Have: Vintage African Baskets as Wall Art

Vintage AFrican Baskets as Wall Art the estate of things

Hi friends! It’s Betsy.

If you follow me on Betsy Moyer on Instagram, you might already know that I recently stumbled my way into a bevy of Vintage African Baskets as Wall Art for SHOP TEOT.

They have been hanging in the corner of our living room since, as seen in the photo above. They are bringing me so much joy. I hope we keep a good collection stocked so that I can leave these hanging in my own home for a while yet.

Today, I want to show you why I was out there on the hunt for the perfect vintage African Basket for wall art.

Here is a look at a few AMAZING and inspiring interiors featuring the handwoven baskets, braided and tied from the tall grasses of the river lands in Africa.


a stack of african baskets

top trends in interior designThese absolute works of art make a lovely impact once hung on the wall. Pair a large 18″ round handwoven basket alongside its partner in 13″ for a 3 dimensional addition to your gallery wall, or hang one solo to make its own statement.

You could also maximize your art piece with a grouping of 6 or more! Look how many are grouped here. Amazing!


colorful Wall of Baskets

African Baskets SHOP TEOT by the estate of things

We sold a mini collection of the vintage african baskets as wall art, as well as a BOLGA market basket, to Heffe’s mom.

I’m THRILLED that she supported TEOT with her purchase, but I also love to know that she has these lovely works of art in her home. Thanks Vivian!

eathiopian Wall of Baskets closeup


zimbabwe Wall of Baskets closeup

SHOP TEOT baskets are all handmade in Africa for Fair Wages.

The women of Zimbabwe have long taught the art of weaving palm leaves and reeds into the baskets as a rite of passage for the young girls. This craft has been passed down for generations on the sandy beach of Zimbabwe where the mountains meet the lake, in a simple village called Binga.


zimbabwe Wall of Baskets


You can get that look above by shopping with TEOT. If you are INSANELY COOL you could cover up the entire wall of your home like that photo above. Just hit me up on the side because I’ll need to increase my inventory numbers for you dramatically!

Here is a look at our African Basket Collection.

vintage african baskets by the estate of things for shop teot



Trends: Hats as Art & Display

Last year I was in a fantastic thrift/antique spot in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with one of my favorite girls on the planet. Myrtle Beach has a few redeeming qualities, one of those is that my best friend of 20 years (what!) lives there. Among lots of treasures, there were three straw hats hanging on the wall. I tried to explain to Amanda that we could group some in her entryway to make an artistic display or statement of sorts but also to channel a beach vibe but not in an obvious “Beach Life” distressed wood sign kind of way. I couldn’t convince her BUT maybe if I would’ve shown her these images, she could’ve seen it. If you need to pretty up your entry way a little or make a cool statement on the wall, this is an easy way to do it.

Behold –hats as art. I’ll race you to the straw hats in Goodwill!

Designer Tom Scheerer is way in to it. When I saw those hats at the shop I immediately thought of some of Scheerer’s entries.









hats trunk


hats shop


hats mirror


hats ladder

I’d like the bamboo sofa that cool girl is standing on.

hats b+w



Art! We love it. We like looking at it, talking about it, trying to understand it and today, we are thinking about collecting it!

But it can be a bit overwhelming.

Allow us to introduce to you, our most beloved resource for art advice, Miss Kara Meyer. She has come into our lives as our personal art buying consultant and she is reporting to us routinely from New York City where she is an active participant in that vibrant arts and cultural scene.

She’s really great at connecting people with causes that bring meaning and value to the philanthropic endeavor. We’re thrilled to have her on board to help us navigate the somewhat intimidating world of art collection!

Last month, she cruised Brooklyn’s affordable art fair with us in mind, and here is a little dive into the artwork that caught her eye that she sent our way for consideration.


Lizzie Gill

A young artist, on the rise. Her work translates to us as the nostalgic American ideal juxtaposed in a contemporary context.
Why we like it: She’s a self professed hoarder of Americana and you see her obsession in her collage work, but it’s got this wonderful twist, as though she is exploring the similarities between the lives of the golden era and how our modern day communication styles may or may not differ. We think she’s going places (ie buy this art as an investment piece). Here is her cv:

L'ete est pour les amateurs by Lizzie Gill

L’ete est pour les amateurs


Marcel Ceuppens

It’s like mad men meets contemporary art.
Why we like it: The themes, similar to the aforementioned, lean heavy on imagery from our parent’s days but with a contemplative loneliness that modern society conjures. The faceless man is our favorite, as if each of his adventures are a threshold, a moment of consideration, an internal dialog that sounds something like a monologue by Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, Brad Pitt/Fight Club or Christian Slater in Mr. Robot.

The Building

The Building

the shadow marcel ceuppens

The Shadow

Maryline Lemaitre

These paintings feel heavy and old and steeped in a rich artful tradition. There is renaissance subject matter with layers of abstract expressionism piled on top and then scratched at. It’s heavy and textured.
Why we like it: Soothing color combos at first glance, incredible depth upon study

À flot perdu

À flot perdu

Jean-Paul Donadini

A contemporary, but working in a style that is very reminiscent of our favorite midcentury icons, like Lichtenstein or Yves Klein.
Why we like it: Graphic punch for a strong statement

Rouleau arrêté orange

Rouleau arrêté orange

Brosse arrêtée klein

Brosse arrêtée klein

Thanks so much for the intro to these wonderful works of art Kara. We’re excited to learn more from you!


Spring Hill Project: Gallery Wall

It’s been a while since I shared anything about the Spring Hill Project but that’s only because the kitchen renovation was delayed. Things are still happening just at a relatively slow pace.

Though recently, I put together a little gallery wall for the living area.

Since the beginning I thought that one of Jennifer Ament’s prints would be fitting for the space and the client’s style.

Here’s how I chose the artwork for the complimentary gallery wall.


How to build a gallery. Sarah's picks for the Spring Hill Project by The Estate of Things


Art is subjective right but I wanted to bring in some elements that can be taken and translated in to your own combination of art. The key elements I used in this grouping are:

A print or work with words, a phrase or some kind of typeface,

art love

Pretty Chic Love

A landscape,

art mtns

Yao Cheng Forest in Indigo

An abstract,

art abstract

Clare Elsaesser Decisions

Flora in black and white,

art ink leaf

Domino Botanical Sumi Ink

Fauna in black and white,

art horses

Black Horses Robert Farkas



And that made for a mix that we thought worked quite well with our jumping off point.




Decorating & Adorning with Arrows

This is a thing. It’s been a thing for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about it not being a thing soon – if you care about that kind of thing! Around here, we do what we want. And we want vintage arrows, arrow wallpapers, arrow stencils, arrow art, arrow body art even!

Arrows are where it’s at.

This makes me all wanty for a trip to the tattoo shop.


[imagebox maintitle=”Shop Vintage Arrows on ETSY” subtitle=”” image=”” color=”white” space=”60″ link=””]


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