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The Estate of Things is a blog about stylized living, home decor and renovation. It is co-authored by Sarah and Betsy, two long time friends exploring a shared passion for design. 

Sarah and I dreamed up our home decor website on a set of barstools in Southern Pines, NC in the dead of winter, I believe it was a Christmas Break 2007. It was the same night that I traded a pair of knit gloves right off my hands to some intoxicated dude for a twenty dollar bill. I’d bought them earlier that day for 75 cents and cut the fingers off.

We all sat around and laughed and talked about our dreams for the future. Sarah and I always came back to our shared love for home decor and our aspirations to open up a brick and mortar store. It was her wordsmith husband Dan who came up with the best names as we all tossed ideas around. The Estate of Things stuck and soon after a blog was born.

Our initial goals were about building authority on a domain name, in hopes for future Ecommerce shop that would help us build the capital to open our storefront. It was 2007, the year that all of the best blogs starting to catch audience from the mainstream as a more personal alternative to shelter magazines. We had no idea that we were embarking on something so special at the perfect time, we just knew a blog was a great place to share inspirations, organize Sarah’s renovations work and share with one another the styles that we were most recently obsessing over.

While The Estate of Things continues to exist primarily a blog with hopes for future eCommerce, it is a passion project that we both happily tend to in our spare time. We are both working women with families and hobbies galore. The Estate of Things provides us both with our own litle place on the internet to purge the swelling creativity in our bones. We forge ahead with hopes that one day we might actualize our dream, to retire from our demanding 9-5s and truly mold The Estate of Things into the dream we’ve always had, a brick and mortar storefront.

sarah the estate of thingsSarah

Location: Southern Pines, North Carolina
About me: An admitted design junkie with a passion for remodeling old houses. I love decorating, DIY, renovation and everything in between. Follow along with remodeling projects and design chat with my friend Betsy and me at our design blog,
My favorite style: Traditional with a bohemian twist
My next house project: Plotting a move into that victorian downtown, all the while directing my husband what to do with the unpacked boxes here in this cape cod.

Betsy MoyerBetsy

Location: Los Angeles, California
About me: Hobbies abound, but I’m more of an internet nerd, music lover and thrifty home decor enthusiast than many things. I’m into DIY and artsy stuff, color trends, furniture make-overs, and living out home decor fantasies via your design blog – and ours.
My favorite style: A sentimental mix of genres…. mostly boho, but there’s definitely a lot of Southern California influence sneaking in – casually.
My next house project: It’s the on going Push & Pull as me and my relatively opposite boyfriend duke out decor, at um…. his house!

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  1. I have loved looking through your blog! You have so many cute things on here. I am contacting you on behalf of Shabby Apple. If you are unfamiliar, Shabby Apple is a boutique with vintage-inspired, modest, and adorable clothes. I would love if we could set up a free Shabby Apple gift card giveaway for your readers. If you are interested in setting one up, simply contact me at

  2. Hello,
    I enjoy your theestateofthings website and would like to work with you!
    I’m interested in the price for a blog post with links! Could you please give me the general rates?
    I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks in advance.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Hi there, wondering if you are interested to be a part from our team. Drop me an email for rates and more info if you are interested.


  4. Hi Betsy, Sarah,

    Just wondering if you were accepting any copy for your fantastic blog at the moment? I’d love to write something for you and have a few ideas in the pipeline that might be of interest!

    Let me know :)


  5. I live in So Pines, and have probably run into Sarah at one of the estate sales in the area! Sarah, how about meeting for coffee sometime?

  6. Ladies – I saw the photo of your vintage swing stand chalkboard and I just purchased one. One whole side of the stand is missing. It did have the hardware for the missing side – all except the piece that fits into the stand frame that accepts the bolt on the other part. It is called a “swinging frame holder.” Wondering if you know any source (demolition/renovation stores) you might know about where I could get a replacement. I’m just trying every place I can find. Have already checked with Antique Renovators and they had a couple of referrals but to no avail thus far.

    • Hi Kelly.

      You know, I’m not sure exactly where you might find the exact parts that will put that all back together for you. Sounds from your description like you are missing the wooden side arm piece plus a bolt?

      If you have any woodworkers in your area, I would imagine you can take the other side in and ask for its mirror.

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