We are a home decor, historic renovation and lifestyle brand with a keen bi-coastal design sensibility — inspired by Southlands of the East and West Coasts. We were established on a set of barstools in Southern Pines, NC in 2007, by founders Sarah Farrell & Betsy Moyer.

The Estate of Things started as a blog about stylized living, home decor and renovation. It was conceived as way to keep the two long time friends and former college roommates connected over their shared passion for design, despite the 3000 miles of distance between California and North Carolina.

The two had dreamed up the idea for a home decor and ecommerce website on a set of barstools in Southern Pines, NC in the dead of winter. It was Christmas Break, 2007. And it was the same night that Betsy traded a pair of knit gloves right off her hands to a persistent admirer for a twenty dollar bill. She had purchased them earlier that day for 75 cents and cut the fingers off.

We all sat around and laughed and talked about our dreams for the future. Sarah and Betsy always came back to a shared love for home decor and aspirations to open up a brick and mortar store. It was Sarah’s wordsmith of a husband, Dan, who came up with the best names as we all tossed ideas around. The Estate of Things (a spin off from local NC public radio program, the State of Things) that stuck. They immediately took to referring to the project as TEOT, and soon after a blog was born.

The two had no idea that they were embarking on something so special at the perfect time. They only knew a blog was a great place to share inspirations, organize Sarah’s renovation work and share their most recent inspirations and obsessions with one another.

TEOT quickly grew a following. Sarah’s impressive renovations projects were snatched by publications like Domaine Home, Southern Living, House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy, Good Housekeeping and The Huffington Post

Today, TEOT is a hustling bustling online shop full of the products they love for their own homes as well as the online home to all home decor and renovations efforts made by Sarah and Betsy.