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Mi Favorito

There’s lots to love…always, as you well know.


mi fav17

You know what I noticed in a lot of these images, that pool blue color seems to be following me around a bit. You can see it above in the pendants. It’s fun paired with a bunch of different colors but there’s something about pairing it with cherry red.

mi fav16


mi fav15


mi fav14


mi fav13


mi fav12


mi fav11


mi fav10


mi fav9

Walls in the nursery painted black sweetens the softer accent hues even more.

mi fav8


mi fav7


mi fav6

I almost fainted upon the discovery of this floor tile.

mi fav5




mi fav4

Reusing Diptyque candle jars as pencil cups, chic and green.

mi fav3


mi fav2




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