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The Cure for The Common Ranch

The best way I’ve found to alter the ranch style house that was so prolific for decades is to OPEN that space up.

The key to updating and opening that place up is to find a ranch with the right bones. The right bones is a house that has the living area and ideally the kitchen along the back of the house. Why? So you can open up the back wall and be in harmony with your backyard and flood the place with light and fresh air.

You can open the house up in a more extreme way with accordion doors or even a garage style door that lifts.

ranch open6 ranch open4 ranch open3


ranch open


ranch open2


ranch french4


ranch french2

Or on a smaller scale with a bank or banks of full view french doors.

ranch french7




ranch french6


ranch french3


ranch french

Later we can talk about things like double-sided fireplaces, beams, board and batten ceilings and additions all healers for the rancher.

ranch addition

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2 Responses
  • Betsy
    May 23, 2016

    yeah girl…..
    This is the stuff of my dreams!!! <3

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