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Asheville Project: Bath Plan I

The Asheville Project is a guest bedroom and bathroom addition on to a newer home and the walls are about to go up.

Before we get to the sheetrock, we needed to figure out our design direction. After the clients narrowed the field of choices for vanity design to either wood or a blue/grey painted vanity, I put together two design plans for the clients to consider.

We’ve discussed the modern farmhouse vibe, we all love shiplap and we need to recognize the beautiful mountain environment outside without plastering bear paw imprints all over everything. I think we’ve achieved those things and a little more in these design mockups.

This is bath design plan I, the key difference is the rustic wood vanity.

Asheville bath plan I

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3 Responses
  • justine
    November 11, 2015

    I have that faucet NIB if you would like to purchase at a deep discount.

    • Sarah
      November 11, 2015

      Hey I’m curious but–how come you aren’t using it?

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