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Spring Hill: Choosing Banquette Pillows

I gave my Spring Hill client a little roundup of some different fabrics I wanted her to choose from for pillows at the banquette. In keeping with a farmhouse industrial vibe, I chose these five combinations. Let’s think about grain sacks and a modern farmhouse and when block prints and burlap collide. With those kinds of vibes rippling through our minds, which set would you pick?

Pillow Talk Accent and Anchor Pillows by The Estate of Things

How about if…once you tell me your pick in the comments, I’ll tell you which one the client chose OR if you care to guess I’m cool with that too.



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1 Response
  • Betsy
    March 5, 2015

    Number 4 is pretty cool with that tie-dye anchor. Though, I’m not as energized by the yellow/brown combo as I am by the burnt orange and gray of the number one pick.

    I love the Tilton Fenwick peacock pattern, especially beside the modern energy that I get from the geometric play on the ticking stripe.

    #2 is a solid choice.
    #3 and #5 don’t excite me. It’s the ubiquitous blue brown combo.

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