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Bennett Kitchen: Introduction

Not too long ago you were introduced to the Spring Hill kitchen, well I’m also working on another kitchen remodel project called the Bennett kitchen.

The Bennett kitchen needs a lot of help! It’s a small kitchen with wooden cabinets from the 1950s or possibly earlier, a linoleum floor with a parquet pattern that has long passed it’s prime and a refrigerator that just hangs out by itself on the middle of that long wall and thats just the start–this kitchen has got issues.

The Bennett kitchen definitely has a college dude look happening.

The counter/bar will be eliminated to open it up and provide more space for the banquette.

bennett before

See the fridge just chillin’ on that wall by itself, hanging off the wall a big clunking 33″. Also that superficial board on the wall that covers a wall joint is unnecessary. There are trim details around this kitchen that will be changed to have consistency in the space.

bennett before2


Bennett kitchen before cab

We’re going to build in a banquette where the table is and bid adieu to the Bud sign as you probably could’ve guessed. We’ll keep that West Elm pendant (they no longer carry it).


bennett before3

This kitchen is gonna get the works including open shelving, ceiling height custom cabinets, a new fridge, paint, countertops, flooring, lighting, accessories and a banquette.

To summarize, 100% Fun.



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