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Lamps in the Kitchen

This post is written mostly for my lovely, patient and gentle mother-in-law. My in-laws recently moved in to a new home and they have an abundance of counter space in their kitchen, including a long bar section of the counter that separates the kitchen from the living area where they line their grandchildren up to eat when they visit.

All of these counters and a straight line of cabinetry make for a lot of straight lines. I’ve suggested that she place a pair of lamps on each end of the bar. It creates an extra level of lighting (ambient) and it breaks that long bar up by varying height and giving it more dimension.  To illustrate my point I offer you these images,

I’m leading off with one of the most well-known examples, Ina Garten’s kitchen,

lamps on bar2



lamps on bar5



lamps on bar6

I know you love the kitchen below, traditional warm furnishings mixed with a lot of white and a simple striped rug–go on say you don’t,

lamps on bar1


lamps on bar3


elle decor, Daily, montana, big sky, yellowstone


lamps on bar4


lamps on bar8

All images via Pinterest

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