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Grout Cottage: Interior Paint Colors

Grout Interior PaintI stayed relatively neutral with all of my choices because it’s not my living space– it was made to be attractive to all sorts of prospective tenants. I got to try out some new grays, Classic Gray and Moonshine. I especially loved Moonshine. Simply White is my new go to trim color and Woodlawn Blue was great for the bath in Apartment B. If you’re looking for a “greige” I’d test Classic Gray. If you’re curious about which colors went where, they will all be labeled on the posts about the individual rooms.

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1 Response
  • Brian
    March 27, 2017

    I’m from NC and had built a smaller similar style custom home, which I’ve recently sold and am moving to MO in April and am looking to build yet another.
    I was wondering if you would have a blueprint of the floor plan you’ve created so that I may try and replicate this great design.

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