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Home Decor Trends: Neon Signs

Lately, I’ve been loving on some Neon Signs.

Express yourself! I think a New Year’s Resolution, forged in argon gas and tubing is the way to go! I’ll take an inspiration to get outside and make the best of life. I think I’d like to hang it over my bar!

What does your New Year Resolution neon sign say?



neon you only live once

neon sign fuck

neon sign lets go anywhere

neon bass music lovers den

Jen Gotch Neon Light Girls Girls Girls

All images via Pinterest, and ultimate neon sign rabbit via the GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS sign from Jen Gotch Рone of my favorite Instagram follows.

Here are a few NEON SIGNS that you should BUY NOW! I purchased the “Til Death” sign from this company on Amazon. It came super nicely packed, works wonderfully and is truly the most accessible price point that I’ve found thus far! Plus, they have GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!


And now a quick word from our sponsors!

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