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Mi Favorito

I think about a mixture of these things,


big beautiful pictures of my children,


blue wainscoting,


gallery walls and vintage leather chairs,




modern cabins,




think about bathing and getting ready in this bathroom every morning, what a freakin’ treat,


Richard Brocken, portrait VI


Those lower cabinets and patterned tile,

Tom Scheerer kitchen

how I need to finish my Craigslist sideboard,




herringbone floors, brick, marble, ceramic who cares–I like it all


cozy, simple guest room


Barbara Bestor everything–for Betsy because she and Heffe will buy a dump on a beautiful lot with maybe a view of the Pacific and Ms. Bestor will help them turn it around,

barbara bestor bath

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3 Responses
  • Betsy Moyer (@BetsyMoyer)
    December 4, 2014

    These are all mi favoritos dos.
    I’ll take a modcab by the river as well as a Barabara Bestor updo with an ocean view.

    Tell me more about this Craigslist sideboard project.

    • Sarah
      December 7, 2014

      The Craigslist sideboard is something that I bought many months ago maybe this year although I’m not all together sure that it wasn’t a 2013 purchase. It’s been sitting in storage and it needs a little alteration and paint to make it worthy of placement in my empty dining room. It’s one of those things that was acquired with a can do attitude that got pushed aside.

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