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Trends: Shiplap

Let’s shiplap the world, shall we? If the designers and folks that I follow on Pinterest had their way I think we would. Even I can’t wait to clad something in shiplap or painted tongue and groove paneling, I really wanted to do the bathroom at the Grout Cottage renovation but decided to cut cost in the end.

shiplap 1x8x12 board

You can install shiplap in just about any room you’d like. If the image of shiplap doesn’t immediately come to your mind, let Google define it for you–

Fit boards together by halving so that each overlaps the one below OR boards fitted together in this way, used for cladding.

The definition didn’t exactly clear up the confusion for me so let’s switch to the visual part of this presentation.

Creative backsplash transition in to shiplap wainscoting..I love itshiplap bath

shiplap bath2

shiplap bath3

shiplap bath4

shiplap bath5

shiplap bed2

shiplap bed3

shiplap bed5

shiplap kitchen3

shiplap kitchen2

shiplap kitchen

A butler’s pantry in maybe 1×6 boards

shiplap butlers pantry

Vertical shiplap as a backsplash in the kitchen or is that paneling I can’t tell.

shiplap kitchen4

shiplap livingImages via Pinterest


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