This little baby is $20 at Carolina Thrift in Greensboro

This little baby is $20 at Carolina Thrift in Greensboro



  • Martin says:

    Great find and good deal!

  • betsymoyer says:

    Haha! Not a bad price. Was it in good shape? I’ve let a few of those pass me by at thrift shops too, mostly b/c they are often falling apart. If I had the space to hoard for no reason, I’d get them all. 
    Was just thinking about how the bungalow had a set of these on the screened in porch when we were over there for a sneak peek (aka trespassing) before you bought and flipped it? You would have paid to get rid of them.

    • Sarah says:

      It was in great shape actually. You know Carolina Thrift moved to Wendover a few years ago.

      • Betsy Moyer says:

        I was definitely picturing the mecca that was Carolina Thrift while we were in college, but now that you say it, I do remember that it moved. It was way better in that warehouse near the coliseum.

    • Sarah says:

      Wow we trespassed there too, I forgot about that. I sold that set and they were bigger than the one at Carolina Thrift.

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