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Guatemalan Fabric in the Etsy Shop

by Betsy Moyer on February 12, 2013, one comment

In the chunk of items that Sarah added to the Teot Etsy Shop, she included this Guatemalan fabric. I’m feeling a little wanty.

I get the visual appeal of exotic textiles in all my favorite girlcrush colors, I’ve had my flings with fantasies of gypsy caravanning across the nation in a camper with nothing but a Newfie. I’ve imagined myself important enough to wake up naked on the isle of Ibiza…. but being boho is more than JUST traveling the world in hemp kaftans and Tom’s shoes. It’s also about EXOTIC FABRIC THROW PILLOWS!

Mix a bunch of these vintage fabric babies among the throws on your couch. Buy the Guatamalan fabric and sew up your own. It’s easy, it’s just a square! :)



This is seriously a style that I have to approach a bit more strategically these days (ie within the confines of Pinterest). Heffe no likey hot pink & purple…. but nothing will stop me from shopping at Cost Plus’ World Market.

And oh my god…. in order to do this right, I gotta get myself a gypsy dog. Just look at him! Miss you Poll. Love you my deardeardog.


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