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TEOT Malware. Sorry Y’all……

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Hi, it’s Betsy. We’re gonna take a quick departure for a sec to talk about website maintenance. Bear with me! I’m just sharing our tribulations cause I’m pretty sure that 95% of our readers are also design bloggers with varying degrees of tech experience, and while I hope this NEVER happens to you, it might.

Google was earlier reporting that there’s “harmful code” on TEOT… Thus – you may have seen a warning that our site “may harm your computer.”

Needless to say, this stinks and I’ve been hard at work since late September swapping explanations with the support peeps at DreamHost. They are a dream for sure! With the help of the team there, and my ever amazing and always willing friend Topher – we got rid of the malicious code.

However, Google had already labeled the site as “suspicious,” I’ve just used the Webmaster Tools (WT) service that Google offers to request that they reconsider our warning, and I hope that they will remove it. They should let me know when we’re all set.

Meanwhile, it’s GREAT to know that our top keyword here on TEOT is now zovirax, with other pharmaceutical terms in the 2,3,4,5 spots as well. Thanks goes out to some hacker for taking over the rich work that Sarah and I have done tagging the crap out of our posts and pics.

Consequently, I have removed all unused WordPress plug-ins and themes. I don’t know if it was the theme or the code from a plug-in that created the vulnerability. But just in case – I did a major cleanup of the whole site. I strongly advise keeping all of your plug-ins updated to the most recent versions.

Also, I guess you do this too. I analyzed our blog using the site-checking tools at Norton Safe Web, URLVoid, Sucuri, and Unmask Parasites. None of them found any problem with

Please accept my apologies for any trouble caused. I know that it’s been a bummer for Sarah. The worst part is now we have an uphill climb to get our trust back to where it was. But….. We are Safe again.


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