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Guest Cottage Kitchen Remodel Part III

by Sarah on September 13, 2011, 19 comments

I’m FINALLY getting around to showing you the finished images of the small cottage kitchen remodel I completed at the beginning of this year. To review here is Part I and Part II of the remodel in case you missed them.

Lets get to it,

stove wall before
cottage kitchen

during demolition

cottage kitchen demo



sink wall before

yellow cottage kitchen before

sink wall during demolition

cottage kitchen demo




hallway before

Cottage corridor demo

during construction

Cottage corridor2 demo

standing in hallway looking in to kitchen

cottage kitchen corridor demo



Some other views,

we kept the existing stove because it was in such great shape and its apartment size was perfect for the space


we had some available space next to the left of the stove, perfect for open shelving


standing in hall looking in to kitchen


budget countertops are custom basic black laminate


And there you have it, a small kitchen, small budget renovation.


A reader asked a great question about what kind of exterior work we had to do once we shortened the window over the sink. Before deciding to change or eliminate a window or door, make sure you check the view from the exterior to make sure things will look right on the outside and the inside. With an experienced carpenter or remodeler, patching the exterior can be just a few hours work. The exterior of the cottage is yellow vinyl siding that was installed maybe 10 years ago, odds are I wasn’t going to find an exact color match. I decided to pull some siding from the back side of the cottage that isn’t readily visible and patch the hole with the old siding and then get as close of a match as possible to replace what I had taken from the back. The hole has to be framed for the new window and then covered and insulated and then finally covered with whatever siding you have and then trimmed. When looking at the outside you cannot tell that the window was ever any different.



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19 thoughts on “Guest Cottage Kitchen Remodel Part III

  1. Wowee, it looks great! You’ve really maximized the storage space with the stacked shelves. This kitchen is light, bright, and airy–all that a kitchen should be!

  2. Amazing job!

    We have a similar issue with our kitchen and I’ve been thinking about shortening our current window and moving the sink beneath it as well.

    My hubby is concerned about the extra work on the exterior of the house from shortening the window. Do you have any picture or can you explain what you did??? Thanks so much!

  3. I love the before, during and after pics. I am not sure about the microwave you selected. I think I would have splurged a little to find one that matched up with the stove a little better. It looks too mismatched in my opinion.

    • Thanks for your comment. It might not appear to be a “perfect” match b/c I re-used the apartment size stove that was already there. It was too damn cute to discard and it was in great condition. Hey they are both white don’t I get points for that?!

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