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Mi Favorito

Morning, lets face the unpleasantness that is Monday with a little visual stimulus. Shall we…

katie lydon kids room

Katie Lydon

Maine house entry Tom Scheerer

Tom Scheerer

Rita Konig apartment

Rita Konig

reggie marshall cottage butterfly bath

Reggie Marshall

jan showers office library

Jan Showers

orange bath traditional home

Traditional Home

southhampton Scot Meacham Wood

via The Adventures of Tartanscot

Steven Gambrel apartment House & Garden
Steven Gambrel

pink feather print

long closet via Full House

via Full House blog


James Andrew living room light blue

James Andrews, NY Social Diary

Jarlath Mellett shingled exterior

Jarlath Mellett


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2 Responses
  • Ashley
    August 29, 2011

    What a fantastic collection of images. Each made me smile, especially those rooms by Katie Lydon and Rita Konig–love their use of color!

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