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Dear TEOT: Deck Ideas

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One of our readers Alicia writes,

Not sure if you remember me. I commented a while back about redoing a 1928 Dutch Colonial. I’m getting ready to redo our backyard. We’re doing a porch down to a patio, and I really like the look of what you did at the Indiana House. Do you happen to have a bunch of inspiration pictures kicking around that you could send me? I would be forever grateful. My contractor keeps wanting to give me a super over done deal with terraces and stone and Trex. Thanks so much!

Hi Alicia,

Revamping your outdoor space just in time to enjoy it!

When I set out to add the deck at the Indiana Project I looked at the way decks terrace down and I looked at different railing styles and considered the look that would best accomodate the style of the house. Now I’m no landscape architect but I think Indiana turned out pretty great and I’ve also added decks on to other houses and was pleased with those.

I’m glad you’ve decided to collect a portfolio of images to share with your contractor. This helps to communicate expectations and your desire for what you want your space to become.

I think I’ve got some images stored away that will help. Here are a few but you can see a whole lot more by viewing the Exterior set on TEOT’s flickr page.

deck steps Sunset


Cottage Living NOLA Idea House back porch

Cottage Living

Such an amazing back porch, this was from a Cottage Living Idea House in New Orleans, I think this house was actually a manufactured home! I am 100% in favor of covered porches, I don’t have one now and I wish I did. Before ultimately staining the deck at Indiana, I considered leaving the stair treads natural and painting the toe kicks and railing white like the image above. Also notice the underpinning of the porch it is lap siding, this can be constructed out of a composite material like Trex.


marsh house plan covered porch

Speaking of covered porches, I like this concept where it is partially covered.

deck plan

deck Sunset


deck plan2

Railing with character or a bit of flair is important, one of the crowning touches.  A good carpenter can construct any style of railing you might want and building supply and millwork companies sell a host of different railing caps. Trex also makes railing.

Sixx Summer  Novogratz

 Novogratz country home


deck plan3

I’ve always valued Sunset and Cottage Living’s garden features. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on TEOT’s flickr page I would recommend searching one of those two sites. Cottage Living’s images are housed at My Home Ideas.

And now a quick word from our sponsors!

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3 Responses
  • Gloria
    May 10, 2011

    All this makes me want to overhaul our back patio even if I had to do it all by myself.

  • Alicia
    May 11, 2011

    Thank you!!! Will let you know how it turns out.

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