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Estate Envy: Ruffalo Home Sold

Remember the home of actors Sunrise and Mark Ruffalo that was featured in a 2009 issue of Domino. No…ok…quick refresher

Ruffalo living room Domino

Ruffalo entry Domino

Ruffalo dining Domino

Ruffalo sunroom Domino

Ruffalo vignette Domino

sunshine ruffalo kids room

Domino bedroom-Ruffalo

Ruffalo vanity Domino

Ruffalo bedroom Domino

OK, so most of us died over the Ruffalo bedroom I think, I know I did. There were other areas of the home that served as inspiration for me…the kid’s room and the picture ledge shelving with the ever changing art display (perfect for those who can’t commit and/or afford art).

The Ruffalo home sold last year for less than $1.6 mil, which I would consider to be pretty darn affordable in the Hollywood Hills. Ruffalo’s actually made $0 on the house provided that they didn’t make any improvements.

I was intrigued by how different the property looked fairly empty and not pictured through a photographer’s lense.Despite the fact that the house is not styled and tricked out by design team Nickey Kehoe, it still looks pretty charming.  All those french doors let in a lot of California sunshine. Here are the pictures from the property listing.

Ruffalo patio

Ruffalo living room

Ruffalo dining room

Ruffalo sunroom

Ruffalo master bedroom2

Ruffalo master bedroom

Ruffalo bath

Ruffalo kitchen

Ruffalo bedroom

Ruffalo bedroom

Ruffalo kid's bedroom


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4 Responses
  • chrissa
    May 17, 2010

    I am in LOVE with that bathroom and adjoining dressing room. And the Jenny Lind beds?!

    So what, did they just leave it furnished? Or just remove their personal affects and get the furniture later after the staging was done?

    I have to know these things!

    And I love the color of the house, I call yellow on the door. But then, I’m a yellow door Nazi.

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