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Light Stringy Thingy

by Betsy Moyer on June 2, 2009, 36 comments

Remember when we talked about the ginormous stringy light fixture globe

I pulled it off. It was easy and I think you all should try it. Next time you come visit me I may have 100 of these hanging from my ceiling.

Here it is in my kitchen:

The Estate of Things chooses DIY project Hangy Light Stringy Globe Pendant

My method, despite popular opinion included a large Exercise ball. This worked beautifully. It also required a TON of liquid starch and then I sprayed it down afterward with Clear Enamel to insure it doesn’t crumple.I got the fixture from Lowe’s and after all of this unnecessary engineering – I just tied the string to it. Voila.

Other than that it was just me and 7 packages of yarn and several spinny sessions. I think next time I won’t use as much yarn and I’ll pay a little bit better attention in the final result of the stringy pattern.

Let’s see your pictures next!! :)


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36 thoughts on “Light Stringy Thingy

  1. table top is from ikea and i paired it with an antique copper table base that came from the old Kathryn’s cheese house restaraunt here in Hickory..
    Do you remember that bar where you sit in Wine Barrells that I took you to… That’s where the base came from.

  2. Congratulations on a DIY project very well done! Quite impressive. Are you happy with the use of yarn or do you think another type of “string” would have given you a result you would like more?

    Is the exercise ball history or did it survive? I’m just thinking that when you go into mass production for all of your followers the cost of new exercise balls for each pendant is going to increase your cost of goods sold… :-)

    Tricia – Avolli

  3. Good Call Tricia!
    The exercise ball (was on sale for $8) AND it survived.
    I used a 100% cotton so it would soak up the starch and i like the way it turned out… I’d recommend it for this heavy look.
    I’d like to try a light weight string next time, just to see if I prefer the translucence from that first inspiration image….

    Are you saying you want to buy one from me Tricia!!?

  4. I love it and the awesome white frame in the background. your paintcolor is great, you can’t look at it without smiling.

  5. Is that a picture of your house? It’s awesome… looks like from a magazine. I want to see more. And great stringy thing… could be neat in Emerson’s room…

  6. Thanks Steph! I’m gonna put more pics of the house up soon. I am pulling the living room together for more photos. Got some new furniture and artwork this weekend.

  7. That collection came after these placemats. There were matching kitchen towels too that were great (neither are there anymore)… but there was no Orla info on the tags.

  8. This is so beautiful. It goes great in that kitchen nook, and I love those colors as well. Aqua is one of my favorites as well. I hope you don’t mind my sharing your creative work. I’m adding this to my post for tomorow, Thurdays Creative Thrift.

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  11. Totally Amazing!! So very creative. I was looking for something to use when I redo my kids room and I think this is perfect for it, hope you don’t mind if I do it too =D

  12. Hey Chrissa.
    I used the yarn to hold it, and suspended it.
    After it was wrapped, I just deflated the exercise ball. I left an opening at the top and the bottom that was easy to tie and weave together once I pulled the ball out.

    I’d love for everyone to do it Kristen. Its a fun and cheap project.

    Thanks for the shout out to this old post Design Junkie!

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