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Start Drooling…Kate Spade’s Apartment

OK so I’m a little late on the Spade Apartment…ok I’m really late, 2007 late. But hey I also wasn’t blogging in 2007 and not really tuned in so that’s my excuse.

The apartment of designer Kate Spade and her husband Andy is amazing. Actually, I’d say it’s superior. When I saw their apartment it was comparable to DC’s reaction to the beginning of Blue’s Clues, which means I should kneel down on the floor in front of the computer screen and flap my arms and say “da dadadada”.

Sometimes you just love things and well I love the Spade Park Avenue apartment as most do. So here it is…

the estate of things chooses kate spade entry

In Town & Country

“in new york, people like to stereotype you by where you live,” she observes. “our downtown friends kept saying, ‘oh, uptown, that’s so provincial; it’s not very modern.’ it’s so silly to be judged by your neighborhood. when i was growing up in kansas city, you told people where you lived and they said, ‘oh, okay.’ but in new york you tell them, and you hear this tone in their voices. it’s ridiculous.”

Sounds like my kind of girl…

the estate of things chooses spade apartment

I’m sure bloggers, decorators and designers alike all still turn to the pages of the World of Interiors, Kansas City’s design mag, Spaces and Town & Country to see this inspirational interior.

the estate of things chooses spade apartment kitchen

The mix of frames, art and finishes is pretty daring but all seems to nestle in together nicely. Looks complex and I would love to do it but I would run the risk of just looking mish-mashed. Striking a balance can be difficult.


the estate of things chooses spade apartment foyer

the estate of things chooses spade apartment living room

the estate of things chooses kate spade apartment

This is really just perfect. New York based designer, Steven Sclaroff collaborated with Kate and Andy on the design. It took 12 months to renovate, three years to decorate.

the estate of things chooses spade bathroom

Everyone has gone on and on about the candlesticks and the black interior doors. Sclaroff says the black paint gave the doors a “graphic quality”.


the estate of things chooses spade dining room






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6 Responses
  • Betsy
    May 4, 2009

    Okay, fine…

  • Jacci
    July 8, 2009

    I’ll chim in!! I love Kate Spade’s apartment, too :) It was one of the photo spreads that convinced me to take the plunge and start painting some doors BLACK. I’m glad I did.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog some tonight. I did a Google search for “mid century modern blogs” and came up with some photos from design sponge, which then led to a few links to your blog :) I’m not at all a MCM gal, but I am one of those gals that appreciates a zillion different looks, even if they aren’t *me*. Love your fun and spirited pics! :)


  • Amesa
    January 12, 2010

    Je vous remercie pour cet article. Il était très intéressant

  • Althea Maule
    March 17, 2010

    Hi, I found this blog post while was searching for brands related information on google and found it very good article, thanks for sharing

  • I almost never leave a response, but i did a few searching and
    wound up here Start Drooling

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